About me

Closed Eyes 2Hi dreamers, I would love to welcome you to my little world!

My name is Anoek, I am a 20 year old, Dutch girl who is trying to enjoy all the beautiful things that this world has to offer and learn from experiences and the things around me.

I have a big passion for creative things, nature, cooking healthy-vegan meals, self-development, cycling and enjoying the small things in life. Doing creative things has always been a big part of my life, but I always want to do more. So I created this little dreamworld to share my passions, experiences and ideas, but also to get in contact with like-minded people.

Throughout the years I had my ups and downs and I changed a lot. I am trying to find things that work for me to become a better and happier person. In 2015 I discovered veganism and it has really changed my way of looking at things for the better. Not did it only change my view on the food industry, I also started to have an even better connection with nature, animals, the earth and myself.

I am still learning every single day and I would love to bring you on this journey!

Find your way through the different corners of my little space, from recipes to life lessons and everything in between. Hopefully I can make a smile on your face!


If there is anything you want to ask, request, etc. feel free to send me a mail at thegoldendreamcatcher@hotmail.com or through the Contact Form below. I would love to hear from you!

4 thoughts on “About me

    1. Hi Bianca, how sweet of you! It makes me so happy to hear you love it, that means so much to me! Your message actually really motivated me to get more consistent on here again. Thanks for your kind words!


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