The 2020-2021 Moon Planner Is Out Now!


There she is the 2020-2021 Moon Planner!

The Planner is now available in my Etsyshop:

The Moon Planner, that is where this whole Etsy adventure started for me. In 2017 I painted my own planner cover inspired by the moon. More and more people asked me if I could make one for them too. Not much later is when I decided to open my own shop on Etsy. Throughout the years I have changed some things to improve the planner. However this year it has had a complete upgrade!

I wanted to make the planner on the inside just as dreamy and special as the outside. So every time you open it you feel like you are entering a dreamworld, a place to escape reality.
I have designed the planner the way I wish a planner would look but also what would be included inside. That is why I added the Goal Setting, Affirmation and To Do pages as well as a Morning/Night Routine page so you can really work on achieving your goals throughout the year!

The moon on the cover is print of a painting I made this summer.

I truly hope you guys love it!

I have added a few pictures of the planner down below, but for more information and insights you can visit my Etsy shop, by clicking here!

Hope to see you there!


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