Apple Pie Parfait

Apple Parfait 2

It’s parfait time!

Eating plant-based can be as fun as you make it to be. What I have noticed over the last 2 years is that it is very easy to fall back into the routine of making the same quick meals all the time. Just boiling some potatoes with veggies and some lentils, plain oatmeal etc. Which has caused me to actually feel quite unsatisfied when it comes to food.

Being creative in the kitchen with healthy ingredients is really the way to make plant-based living easy and exciting.

Making parfaits is probably my favorite way to make my meals more exciting. It is such a creative process and helps me to get inspired to eat healthy foods coming from nature.

Ingredients (for 2 parfaits):

  • 3 apples
  • Puffed spelt
  • Cinnamon
  • Unsweetened plant-based yoghurt (soy, coconut)
  • Optional: Raisins

Apple Parfait

Start by taking off the skin of the apples and cut the appels into cubes. Place them in a pan with a thin layer of water so they won’t burn right away. Cook the apples till they become nice and soft, but still hard enough so it won’t become applesauce. Add a tiny bit of cinnamon for the extra cozy vibe and delicious taste.

Now your ready to start layering, the fun part!

In a tall, thin glas add a layer of puffed spelt. On top of that add a few spoons of plant-based yogurt and finally the apple compote. Keep adding these layers in this order until you have filled the entire glass. Sprinkle some cinnamon on top and add a thin slice of apple for some extra decoration.

Then they are ready to serve!



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