All This Time I Knew There Was More…


All this time I knew there was more,

More to life,

More to experience,

More to feel,

But my perfectionism just stopped me from trying,

All this time I have been scared

Scared of messing up,

Scared of being imperfect,

Scared that nothing would turn out the way I planned.

Just like a flower seed we aren’t made to stay in the dark forever.

It might feel save, down there in the ground.

You are protected from storms, heavy floods and the overwhelming world.

But staying in the ground will never get you into that beautiful, glowing flower that you were ment to be.

It seems scary getting out of your comfort zone going on a journey to get to be that beautiful plant.

But just like a flower we don’t only need the sun, we need the rain to grow.

Today I am planting a new seed,

A new imperfect journey.

A journey full of sun and rain.

Knowing that in the end it will make me stronger.

To survive even the coldest winters and to shine all year round.



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