I Opened My Own Shop!

Label Field Full of StarsHey Dreamers,

I am so excited to finally share this exciting project with you.

One year ago I painted my own planner inspired by the moon. I posted a picture of me painting the diary on Instagram and an old classmate of me asked if I could paint one for her too. I never expected that other people would like the planner, but quickly I realised that people actually liked the idea of buying a moon planner. So that year I already sold a few planners to people who lived close to me. I had not expected it to go so well and when this year people who bought a diary last year asked me if they could buy one for the upcoming year again, I knew I wanted to do more with it. 

Over the last few weeks I have designed and created some more products inspired by the moon. Creating the products gave me so much joy and I loved the idea of people opening a package with a product I created and a smile appearing on their face.

I loved creating products for people who live close to me, but it makes me so happy that now I am able to ship my products internationally too!


all notebooks

Yes, I have officially opened my own Etsy shop and I am so excited!

You can check out all the products in my Etsy shop: Field Full of Stars. You can visit the shop here: FieldFullofStars 

If you have any questions, you can always send me an email at thegoldendreamcatcher@hotmail.com or a DM on my Instagram @anoekreintjes.

I have also created a new Instagram account for my shop @fieldfullofstars  where you can see regular updates, photos and sales of different products from the shop.

I can’t wait to see you in my shop and hopefully hear from you.

Xx Anoek

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