Summer Intentions (Positive Mindset & Self-Love)

BeeEvery season comes with change. Which makes it the perfect time to set some intentions to focus on bettering ourselves too. Today I will be sharing my intentions, gemstones which fit with the themes, some affirmations and much more!

I feel like a month is too short to really see progress and with yearly goals it is really easy to procrastinate because it seems like there is still so much time left. In my opinion a season is the perfect time to set goals for ourselves. Just like in nature nothing changes overnight, it is not like we plant a seed and the next day there is a flower. It takes seasons for plants to grow from nothing into something beautiful!

In this seasons intentions series I will share the words or themes that I will be focussing on, some crystals that represent the theme, some affirmations, steps to take and maybe a few extra things that will help me throughout the season.

For this season I have chosen the words:

Mindset and Selflove

The reason that I chose these words to focus on is because I feel that these two things really need some improvement at this moment.

When I started my health and spiritual journey I wanted to live this lifestyle because I loved my body and myself as a person. I wanted to take care of it, to feel great. However the last one and a half-year self-love and positive thinking became a difficult thing for me. Because I didn’t feel this respect for myself anymore I realised that it became hard for me to live the healthy lifestyle that I used to live. I just didn’t care as much anymore because I didn’t see myself or my body as something that deserved to be taken care of.

Living a healthy and mindful life gave me so much joy and gratification. Starting that lifestyle opened my eyes. I started to enjoy the small things in life and nature in a way I never did before. Veganism helped me to have such a beautiful connection with myself, the animals and this earth. It made me feel so amazing because I felt like I had something positive to offer to this world. Exercising everyday made me feel alive. Eating healthy caused me to have a beautiful connection with my body. Blogging made me feel connected with like-minded people. Being creative helped me to express my feelings and made me feel at peace. Those are the things that made me, ME!

But when my mindset started to change and the anxious part of me grew, life seemed useless. I just didn’t care anymore. Those symptoms caused me to completely lose myself which resulted in extreme self-hate. It really is a cycle. If your mindset isn’t in the right place, self-love suffers from that, and if you start hating yourself your entire mindsets starts to change too. Don’t get me wrong, I am still vegan, eat still mainly wholefoods, but my mindset about it has completely changed. I eat vegan because I know it is better, but the passion and connection with the animals, earth and my health aren’t there anymore. I still eat mainly healthy foods, but the amount just got way too far.

The ‘I don’t care anymore’ thoughts are the scariest, because it is so difficult to take action and get out of the cycle. You really need motivation or an awakening to be able to say ‘And now it is enough!’

I feel like I have said that everyday. Everyday I thought things would get better again. However the problem was, that I expected WAY too much of myself. I believed that the seed that I planted grew into a beautiful flower overnight. However that just isn’t possible. And you probably think, well Anoek you wrote about 6 of these blogposts about starting over again and nothing ever happens, so what is different this time? Well, this time I am going to accept myself where I am right now. I am sick of believing that I will only love myself when I have my life back or thinking that from now on I will be perfect. That way of thinking is only going to grow the hateful talking towards myself because I will get disappointed in myself for every time something isn’t going ‘perfect’. Yes, maybe in a month I am still where I am now, but at least I accepted that. Even that is going to be hard, learning to accept myself.

It’s not like I give up on my dreams and goals and just do nothing. I will do my best every day, but accept when I slip up. I will listen more to my body and what it needs. I won’t create this list of the perfect morning routine that I have to stick to. Instead I will have a list of things I could do as a morning routine and chose what will benefit me most that day or what feels best. And if I don’t do my morning routine a day or two, that is completely fine too and I will accept that. I think that it helps me to get rid of this feeling that I HAVE to do all these things, but instead my body tells me what I want and it makes everything so much more exciting.

Bee & butterfly


The stones that fit well with the themes for this season:

Smoky Quartz & Rose Quartz

Smoky Quartz is a great stone for increasing a positive mindset. It helps to let go of negative thoughts and things which no longer serve you. It is great to relies worries and doubt.

Rose Quartz is also called the love magnet. It is one of the best crystals when it comes to bringing more love in your life. It is great for increasing self-love and self-acceptance.


Affirmations I will keep repeating throughout the month:

‘Thoughts become reality and I am the creator of that reality.’

This affirmation is such a powerful sentence that makes you aware of the power of your thoughts. When I looked into the Law of Attraction I was absolutely mindblown. I have read a lot about it, but when your mindset is in the wrong place it is hard to live according to the Law of Attraction. Affirmations like this keep you mindful of that and make it easier to make a change.

‘Even though I am not yet where I want to be, I accept where I am in this moment.’

This one has been a huge one for me. Self-love isn’t possible if you don’t first accept yourself. I always thought that I would loved myself if I got my life back as it used to be, but after 1 1/2 year I realised that I will never get there if I don’t first accept me. This affirmations reminds me of this and helps to not get back into the mindset of thinking that I will only love myself if I am perfect.

Wow, this has become a way longer post than I thought it would be, I am sorry for that. I also want to apologize for not posting on here for a while. As I told you earlier I just didn’t feel like doing anything for the last couple of months. However now that I accept that it happened I feel like I am at more peace and I actually want to write on here. I will start slowly, not expecting too much of myself. Write what I feel about, maybe a recipe, maybe a long post like this one. I really needed something that makes me feel passionate again. I am actually working on a really exciting project and I can not wait to share it with you. It has given me so much joy already. The days that I was working on the project were days where I wasn’t counting the hours till I could go to sleep, but instead stayed up till 23:00 working on it. The best part, I didn’t beat myself up for not going to bed at my usual time, because my body just craved this.

I would absolutely love to hear your intentions for summer, this month or even this year. Hope to hear from you in the comments.

keep dreaming2

9 thoughts on “Summer Intentions (Positive Mindset & Self-Love)

  1. Love this post! Especially because I’m exactly where you’re at right now. I know what is good for me but for some reason I just don’t care as much this year and I have very low self esteem. If everything isn’t perfect for me then forget it. The important thing is though to never give up on yourself, and I haven’t yet! Again, beautiful post 💕

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Loved seeing this from you, Anoek! I think setting seasonal intentions is an interesting notion and the affirmations you chose spoke to me as well. Wishing you the best!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. So happy to hear that you liked it, I loved writing this kind of blogpost. I hope that the affirmations help you to create a more positive mindset as well. Much love to you!


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