5 Things I Eat Every Day And Can’t Live Without!

CarrotsThere are so many amazing foods out there, but there are just a few things that I really keep coming back to and actually eat every day.

I like to eat these foods on its own or used in a recipes. There are so many posibilities with healthy foods like these ones, so it never gets boring.

These are the 5 foods I can’t live without:


Legumes are such a great way to add in some extra protein into our diet. Not only for vegans, but for everyone. Personally I love cooking my beans from dry, because when they are canned they still contain a lot of additives. I soak the beans overnight, cook them in bulk and put them in the freezer so they are ready whenever I need them. My favorite legumes are lentils, kidney beans and green peas. I have my legumes with my dinner and switch it up every day. There are so many delicious beans, that it will never get boring.


Ever since I can remember I have been an apple fanatic. I don’t even want to know how many apple trees I have eaten bald by myself. When there are no apples in the house, there honestly is something wrong with me. That moment when there is only one apple left in the bag, yeah that’s called stress.

Lemon Water

Ok, this is more something I drink everyday, but I still feel like including this because it is something that I just need everyday, to make it feel that I was alive that day.

Every morning I start my day with 500 ml of water where I mix in the juice of half a lemon. It makes me feel awake, takes the grose morning flavor out of my mouth and it tastes so good. I love having this first thing in the morning because this is the last step of my morning routine. Which helps me to get in to the mood of ‘let the day begin!’


Yeah, I probably eat at least one carrot a day if not more. They are the perfect little snack, they are crunchy and so flavorful. When I am craving something in between my meals, I most of the times go for carrots because they fill me up and for some reason they feel sweet and savoury at the same time to me.

Green Vegetables

There are so many amazing green vegetables to eat every day, brussel sprouts, broccoli, kale, spinach, you name it. I love adding these into my diet as they are so flavorful and full of vitamins and minerals. My favorite green vegetable at the moment is broccoli baked in the oven, it’s so good and crunchy!

What are some foods that you eat every day? I would love to know :)

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4 thoughts on “5 Things I Eat Every Day And Can’t Live Without!

  1. I love beans too. They’re a nice filler to add to dinners. Lemon water is a great part of a morning routine for sure. I’d say my can’t live without list would be avocados, olives, greens, and bananas (for smoothies).

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