8 Ways To Use Your Journal {To Become A Master At Life}

ways to journal 2When starting a journal it can all be pretty overwhelming, because there is not one perfect way to journal. When we think of a writing in a journal we mostly think of writing entire diary entries, but this really doesn’t have to be the case. There are so many ways to use a journal which might have way more benefits to your life than writing what happened that day. 

Here are some different ways to use your journal:

Gratitude List

A gratitude list is the perfect way to start living a more positive life, because you start to be more grateful for the small things that you have and experience everyday.

You can write down as many things that you are grateful for as you feel like. However only writing the things down is not enough, you really need to feel the warm feeling inside when you think about these positive things. This creates this positive vibe that will make you feel amazing.

What I love most about this way of journaling is that it doesn’t take a lot of time at all, so it can be part of everyone’s morning and night routine. It is such a great exercise to feel more positive right away and in my opinion it is the best way to start the day right.


I do feel that with affirmations you really need to be consistent, because it needs to become a regular thought for your brains to truly believe what you are telling yourself.

I like writing down 1 up to 3 affirmations for a week that I repeat every morning and night. I do not recommend doing more than 3 affirmations at a time as it becomes too much for your brains to remember.

My favorite affirmations at the moment are:

  1. I create my own dream life.
  2. Every second I can make the choice to change.
  3. I see the positive in everything.

Reflecting on a Meditation Practise

In my journal I really like to take time to reflect on my meditation practises. This way I become extra mindful about my actions and I can see what does and what doesn’t work for me.

When I went to Spain my meditation routine pretty much fell apart. I had a lot of trouble getting into a routine when I came back home. This last week I have tried to get back into it, but it has been more difficult than I thought.

In my meditation reflection in my journal I can see that I am having a lot of trouble concentrating and I am only thinking about the things I want to change today. But because I am mindful of that I can change things. I thought that more guided meditations could help me get back to being more concentrated and re-learning techniques. So I started working with guided meditation and reflected on how I felt doing that. What I realised was that guided meditations definitely helped, but I had to use my phone for that which caused me to make excuses to scroll through social media first instead of meditating, which caused me to not meditate at all. Now I am thinking about downloading some meditation practises on an old MP3, so I can only listen to the guided meditation or to meditation music instead of distracting myself.

However in my meditation reflection I also just like to write down which practises I did during my meditation, what went well this time and what didn’t, which crystals I used etc.

ways to journal 1


When you know a bit about the law of attraction you have probably heard of visualisation. It’s a technique that puts the things you want to manifest into the universe. A journal is a great way to do this as it puts your thoughts onto paper. It makes it more real than having the thoughts in your head.

I like to write down a few things I am visualising for every week. When I look back I picture how I would like to have that thing in my life and I act like I already have that things or live that way in my everyday life. If you want to read more about the law of attraction you can read this post that I wrote a while back.

Manifestation Tracker

The manifestation tracker goes hand in hand with the list of the things you are visualising. The manifestation tracker means that you write down the things you have visualised in the past and that have truly happened in your life after you have manifested them.

This way you start to believe more in the Law of Attraction and it makes the visualisation practise a lot easier.

Ask Yourself Questions

By asking yourself questions you can make things more clear for yourself or see things in a different way.

This is in my opinion the best way to use your journal as a therapeutic way. You really start to get to know yourself, who you are as a person and what your want in life. With the answers on your questions you can start working on your goals, visualise effectively and change things in your everyday life.

I love searching on the internet for certain questions to learn more about myself. My favorite questions at the moment are these that Aileen from Lavendaire put on her blog. I haven’t answered these questions in a while, so I am definitely going to do this week.

Special Moments

I am a big fan of writing down the special moments that happened in my life. It is a bit like the gratitude list, but I don’t just write down the moment. For special moments I write down what happened in full detail. It makes me truly appreciate the things that happen in my life and it is a great thing to look back at when I feel down and life seems useless.

Proud List

Writing a list of the things that you are proud of is a great way to build your confidence. It helps you focus on the things that are going well and what your qualities are, instead of dwelling on the negative and feeling like a failure.

Self confidence is so important when working on your dreams, so this little exercise is a perfect way to journal if that is something you need to work on.

It is definitely something that I need to use more in my journal.

How I Use My Journal At The Moment

The way that I use my journal at the moment is pretty simple. I copy my weekly affirmations, I write down 3 things that I am manifesting at that time, I make a list of as many things that I am grateful for as possible and I write down a list of things that I have manifested and came true that day. On days that I feel like doing something else, I mainly write poems, a description of a special moment or I write down how my meditation practise went and what I felt during the practise. I have realised that it is really important for me to keep my journal really positive. Entire diary entries from my day just don’t work for me because I focus on a lot of negative things that happened that day too. Things like gratitude lists and affirmations make me focus on all the good things and put me in a motivated and positive mood.

I would love to hear what kind of things you write down in your journal and if you have any things that you would have added to this list let me know in the comments!

keep dreaming2

6 thoughts on “8 Ways To Use Your Journal {To Become A Master At Life}

  1. As always… photography goals! I love all your uses for your journal; I currently use mine to track my manifestations, but I’d love to start a gratitude journal. And affirmations sound like they’d be brilliant too x

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    1. That is awesome! Personally I love the feeling of writing it out on paper. However it is really nice that you have it with you all the time so you can write whenever you want! Maybe I should just bring my journal everywhere I go.

      Liked by 1 person

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