Taking A Little Break + Explanation

editt_MG_0027Hey beautiful souls,

Today a bit of a different post. I have decided to take a break from social media and my blog and I am going to explain everything in this post. Don’t worry I will come back, but for now I just need a little time off.

Mindless Life

Last week I was listening to a podcast about mindfulness while riding my bike. I was concentrating on the podcast, when a walking family smiled at me. I heard them greeting me and I smiled and said ‘hello’ back. I took my earplugs out of my ear and put them back in my pocket. I realized that I was listening to a mindfulness podcast, while not even being mindful. Not really being in the moment, using a podcast as a distraction.

That’s something I find myself doing all the time. Finding distractions and doing a hundred things at the same time. I always write blogposts while listening to a podcast or Youtube video, when really this only makes writing take much longer. I write a bit, watch a video, write a bit, watch a video and it keeps going like this. At the end of the day I question myself what I have been doing all day. Our generation is so used to doing more things at the same time, we get bored when we have to write something without music in the background. However we have to realise that this just doesn’t work, these small distractions don’t only waste a lot of time and they make us less mindful. I feel like my life has been like this for months now. It is something I really want to change, because I know that it will make me so much happier.


I have wanted to change my lifestyle for a long time now. I am always planning, learning, and reading about things I want to improve, but I am not really acting on it because I feel like I don’t have enough knowledge to start. My mind is always coming up with excuses to start later. I am wasting my time, looking up everything on the Internet, when I could have acted on my goals.

edit_MG_0031Social Media

Social Media had been a big distraction for me the last few months. I never used to be addicted to social media, I would use the computer for important things and that was it. I was always being creative and active. However when everyone in my class had a smart phone I felt like I needed one too. In the beginning I barely used it, but it quickly increased. When I started my blog, I used to only use a laptop to write and publish my posts. I would reply to comments every time I wrote a new blogpost and didn’t really use the Internet in between. However quickly I started to use Instagram, Facebook etc. to promote my blog. I felt like I had to promote my blog and post as much content as possible to keep people coming to my blog. Which caused me to be on my phone all the time.

But is that why I started my blog in the first place? NO!

I started my blog to share my lifestyle with you, to connect with people who had the same interests and to make friends. To share my self-development journey and share my passions. However, the more I started to use the Internet, the less I actually worked on my passions and I lost my productive, happy and mindful self.

I really want to go back to having a healthy relationship with social media. Using it only a few minutes per day, posting a few times per week and turning my phone off during the day. I want to start posting two times a week on here again as I think that it works better for me and the quality of my blog will improve.


I want to live a life I love, a productive life. I have been thinking about this for a few weeks now and I just feel like taking a little break from social media and my blog.

During this break I am really going to reflect on my life and what I want to change. Visualise how I want my life to be and just start acting! No excuses anymore, I am going to let go of this lazy mindset because it is not who I truly am as a person, it is just something that has grown over the last few months. The first few weeks will be difficult, but when it becomes a habit, things will feel like before again.

Next week I will be in Spain to do some volunteering work with horses. I am super excited about this and it is a great way to be mindful and be in the moment. The week after that I want to do a little detox week, to have a fresh start. No social media, eating detoxifying foods, being mindful,  and taking the time to think about how I want my life to be.

I know that this post is one big mess, with no structure at all, I am sorry. There were just so many things I wanted to talk about before I am taking my break.

Thank you so much for reading this long post.

I will talk to you in a few weeks and hopefully better than ever!

keep dreaming2



7 thoughts on “Taking A Little Break + Explanation

  1. I’ve been in a very similar headspace. I also developed a need for constant distraction and being dissatisfied with my lifestyle but not actively changing it. It sounds like it’s time for both of us to hit reset. I hope you have a restorative break! I look forward to hearing from you in a few weeks :)

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    1. Much love to you Savanna! I have learned so much during this break and feel completely energized to start blogging again. I wish you all the best. I am so excited to read your blogposts that I missed during this little break.


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