My Current Obsessions

Night Routine minimalism roomdecor 1Hey beautiful souls,

The last few weeks have been pretty amazing. I feel so much more motivated to do things again and to discover life. I have come across some amazing things that I am obsessed with and I can’t wait to share them with you. Hopefully these things can make you feel awesome too. So lets not have a too long introduction and just talk about these amazing things with you.


I have always been in love with crystals, but never really looked into them seriously. The last few months I have been starting a crystal notebook where I draw crystals and write down there meanings and powers. I went to a crystalshop and bought a lot of crystals at once, because the spiritualshop in my village only has the really mainstream ones. Since then, I have been obsessed with looking at crystal pictures on Pinterest, going to shops to find ones and look up their meanings and powers. I am super excited to expand my collection in the future.


I started meditating a few months ago. In the beginning I really had to force myself to take a moment for myself and sit down to do a meditation practise. However, the more meditation became part of my routine, the more benefits I started to see. I didn’t had to force myself, because I just craved having a meditation practise. At the moment I am absolutely obsessed with starting and ending my day with meditating. Most of the time I have a short 5-10 minute practise, but once in a while doing a 20-30 minute meditation makes me feel completely recharged. This month there is coming a blogpost about meditation on my blog where I share my experience and some tips. If you have any questions about my meditation experience or meditation in general, leave them in the comments and I will answer them for you in that post.

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Plants, what isn’t awesome about plants. They don’t only give life to a room, they are a great way to get excited about the small things in life. I am so in love with seeing plants grow. When a new leaf is coming I just keep checking the plant because I just can’t wait for it to become bigger and stronger. My first plant that I grew myself from seed was an avocado plant. It truly gives me so much joy seeing how much he has grown since the beginning. My newest plant is the Aloe Vera plant. I have wanted an Aloe Vera plant for such a long time. So when I saw this beauty in a store, I just new I had to get it. I think that Aloe Vera is such a fun plant. It is so different from all the other plants I have in my room, because it doesn’t have thin and small leaves. I have read that Aloe Vera gel is such a healing products with amazing benefits, so I can’t wait to use as a natural beauty product.

Green peas

My current food obsession are green peas, the are just so good! I buy a few carton boxes from the freezer aisle at the grocery store. They only contain peas, no weird and unhealthy ingredients. I heat them up in a pan and they taste absolutely amazing. They are super crunchy which makes them a perfect snack too.

Riding my bike

I have always been riding my bike a lot, almost daily. However now that the weather is improving it is the best thing in the world. Cycling in nature is my favorite exercise, so I am so grateful that I can finally go outside to do that again. I can not tell you enough how happy it makes me to ride outside, the sun shining on my face and listening to the birds. After a long winter, riding my bike in the sunshine honestly makes me cry of happiness.

What are some of your obsessions at the moment? I would love to read them in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “My Current Obsessions

  1. You know what? This post really hit the spot for me. Lately I have been so eager to learn more about crystals. I have always found them quite intriguing and interesting but never really took the time to gain a better understanding about its powers… when it comes to plants, I have been so into them for the past 2-3 months. I must have bought near 10 for my house and I just love to be surrounded by them. They make me feel so happy! I found it so funny and curious to read this post where you share the same current obsessions! 😊Meditation and yoga are two other things that I have trying to incorporate more and more into my day-to-day life. As you mentioned, the more you practice them, the more benefits you see! Thanks so much for this post. I really liked it xx

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