How To Deal With Dry Skin

dry skin 1This last month has been a real winter month, full of cold and dry days. I have always had pretty dry skin, but during the winter months it really is at its worst. Especially my hands just break and start to bleed. The last few days I have really been taking care of my skin, so it feels soft again. Today I am going to share with you my tips to deal with dry skin. 

Avoid hot water

I know that the best feeling in winter is having a hot shower. Especially after a long cold hike when your entire body feels cold. However, hot water can actually really dry out your skin, because it takes away the moisture. So try to take warm showers and baths instead of hot ones.

Pay attention when doing the dishes

Another thing you have to be careful with is doing the dishes. When cleaning our cups and plates we always use extremely hot water to make sure that everything is super clean. However this can really dry out your skin. Apart from that we use special soap to get rid of the oils  that sticks to the plates and pans. This soap does not only get rid of the oils on tableware, but the oils from our skin too. This causes our skin to dry out even quicker. I recommend using reusable gloves, so your skin stays dry and it does not get in contact with the soap.

Use an air diffuser/ humidifier

I have been using my air diffuser mainly to distribute a lavender scent into the air. However the last few weeks I have been turning it on for way longer, to humidify the air. Now that a lot of people use heaters to warm up rooms, the air gets super dry. This causes your skin to get dryer too. Humidifying the air by using an air diffuser or humidifier can help you get rid of the dry air and moisturize your skin.

dry skin 2Drink a lot of water

Not only moisturing from the outside is important. By drinking a lot of water, you hydrate your skin too. Plain water is great but because the weather is so cold this time of year, you might prefer herbal, caffeine-free teas.

Avoid extreme temperature changes.

Last week I had super dry and itchy hands. I went to the gym by bike but I forgot my gloves so my hands where pretty cold. I was doing cardio at the gym so I got pretty hot. When I get hot, my fingers start to swell a bit, which made my dry skin feel even worse. My skin was almost breaking from dryness already, but because it started to swell some parts cracked completely.

Coconut oil treatment

When my hands are super dry I like to massage a lot of coconut oil into my skin at night. I wear some thin gloves during that night, so my bed doesn’t get greasy. The next morning my skin feels super soft. I really like to use coconutoil because it is completely natural and it moisturizes the skin really well, because it is such a rich oil.

I know that winter is almost over, however I hope that if you are still suffering from dry skin, these tips can help you.

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