Recreate Your Childhood Moments

recreating childhood memories 3A few weeks ago I was thinking a lot about my childhood. What kind of activities I used to love doing and how I thought about life. I think that most of us have beautiful memories of childhood, feeling free, doing whatever we want and forgetting about the time.

But why do we look at childhood as the past? Why do we feel like we can’t feel that way again?

Society really makes it seem like childhood and adulthood are separated. We learn that we have to grow up, that we have to get serious and focus on making money. We start to think instead of feel, because we learn to live up to expectations. The pureness of being a child just disappears. Isn’t that sad? Do we really think that the universe puts us on this world to make money till we die? The universe gives us a life to enjoy all the beautiful things that this world has to offer, to fulfill our purpose, to help others with our own unique qualities.

When I look at my childhood I still remember creating a theatre at the attic of our house. I used to spend hours writing my own theatre and movie scripts, practising my acting skills and making my own costumes and stage pieces. Together with friends I would perform these theatre plays and film little movies. This is one of my favorite memories ever. However, when thinking about these things, it feels like that is over, but who says it needs to be over? Why can’t we recreate those moments and feel whole again.

recreating childhood memories 1

My mother always used to tell me that when I had to make a decision when it comes to  what I wanted to study, that I had to look back at what I loved to do as a child. I think that this is such a powerful question to ask yourself as it help you connect with your intuition, with your true heart. That is what will make you feel truly fulfilled. I still find it hard to follow this path as I know that acting is really what I love the most, however as an introverted, insecure person it just feels like I would never be able to do that.

The last week I have realised that acting really is something that belongs to me and makes me so extremely happy. It is a way for me to deal with emotions and to be creative. I missed making videos, creating stories and acting. I have realised that it isn’t something that only belongs to my childhood, it belongs to me forever! I really want to start making videos in the future where I create a story. I think that it would be so cool to create characters and moving images with my poems that I would share on here. I can’t wait to work on that!

I would love to know what you loved doing as a child and if that is still something you do nowadays. Or that you left that behind because it feels like it isn’t for adults anymore.

Let me know in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “Recreate Your Childhood Moments

  1. If your heart wants you to be the same child you once were, may be, u should listen to it. Do share your stories and poems.(can’t say that about acting for it’s not really possible over the internet, but may be you should pursue acting, well atleast in your free time) :) :) I can’t say anything in particular about myself but I too have wanted to be a bit of an actress, wish that was fulfilled when I took part in school’s drama competition for the first time and surprisingly enough came out as the best actress for that year. Also painting and reading my kind of thing, the former being something I’d like to pursue in my free time once my exams are over(and that would involve keeping a journal as well). :) : ) :)

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