My Night Routine

Night Routine minimalism roomdecor 2A few weeks ago I shared with you my morning routine. You really seemed to like that post, so I thought it would be a great idea to share my night routine too.

I am a true morning person, I like waking up early which is the time when I am most motivated and energized. At the end of the day I just feel that I need to go to sleep to start tomorrow well. I always used to feel really mentally tired at night and all I wanted was to go to sleep. However since I started my night routine I feel a lot better at night as it ends my day in a positive way instead of a negative one.

At 21:25 my alarm on my fitness tracker starts to buzz, so I know that it is time to get ready for bed. Most of the time it takes me a few minutes to get my stuff and go upstairs.

I start my evening with putting on my pyjamas. Sometimes I do this earlier in the evening already, to feel more relaxed and comfortable. However, most nights I do this when my night routine just starts. I brush my teeth and take off my make-up. When I am done in the bathroom, I go to my room, put on my air diffuser with lavender oil  and boil some water for my nighttime tea.

While the water is boiling I start writing in my journal. There are two things I always write down: a gratitude list and my affirmations for that day.

For the gratitude list, I write down as many things as I can come up with as possible. I don’t just write them down, I make sure that I take the time to really feel grateful for these things. I do this till I feel a warm feeling inside, feel that I start to smile or get excited. Some days when I have difficulty feeling positive, I still write them down, even if it is hard to feel truly excited. The next morning I can look back and I might feel the excitement then.

I recently started to write down two affirmations for the week that I repeat every through out the day. I copy them into my journal every evening and night and repeat them 10 times in my head.

Night Routine minimalism roomdecor 1

At this point my tea is ready and I sip on it through out my routine.

I take my bullet journal and I fill in my trackers. This way I get a clear idea how my day went and where I want to focus on some more. I keep in mind that some days I just can’t fill in all the trackers because I had a busy day for example. I except that and I am grateful for the things I was able to complete.

If I still have a lot of time left I read a bit in a book and put down a few to-do’s for the next day, so I am already in the mindset of accomplishing things. My to-do’s keep me motivated and that is a great feeling to end my day.

The last thing I do before I go to sleep is my meditation practise. I have been meditating every morning and night for the last few weeks and it makes me feel absolutely amazing. Especially now that I have included some crystals to meditate with. I will write a more in-depth blogpost about meditation in the future, so keep an eye on that if you are interested.

By the time I finished my meditation practise I feel completely relaxed and positive. I turn off the lights and fall asleep very quickly. I try to finish my night routine at 22:00, which is the time I like to go to sleep.

All these little parts of my night routine help me to end the day in a positive way, be grateful for all the beautiful things that happened and accept the things that didn’t turn out so well.

What are your favorite parts of your night routine?

I would love to know.

keep dreaming2


2 thoughts on “My Night Routine

  1. Oh my goodness, I cannot tell you how much I love this. Your night-time routine sounds so productive and genuinely beneficial to your mental and spiritual health… I need to implement some of these things xx


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