Growing New Pieces, Cut Off The Old

15626209_351609505218181_7254955771040240904_oOur life is a journey, like growing out our hair.

We as a person grow slowly, change things step by step.

Create new habits, new pieces of ourself.

Still strong, fresh and shiny.

They still have the strength to deal with setbacks.

However, the longer these pieces have to deal with problems and pain,

The weaker and dryer they get.

They slowly start to fall apart or even fall out completely and take the new growth with it.

And when something doesn’t feel like it belongs to us anymore, when it gets rough and damaged,

We know that we have to let it go, that we have to cut off the parts that don’t longer serves us.

So everything feels new, strong and fresh again.



These photos are taken by my friend Sarah, check out her Facebook page here.


2 thoughts on “Growing New Pieces, Cut Off The Old

  1. I love this. It’s very true, I think we’re constantly working on ourselves and sometimes that does mean letting the negative go. Your friend’s very talented btw; the photos are gorgeous xx


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