The Start Of My Law Of Attraction Journey

Law Of AttractionEvery time I read about the law of attraction I just didn’t fully understand the concept or didn’t feel like it clicked in my head. I think that now I am finally at a place where I feel that I am actually ready to use this technique into my life.

I have been watching some videos on the law of attraction and it makes so much sense to me now. 

Lately I have been really wanting to change my life, because the last year and a half haven’t been the best. I think that my approach to changing my life just wasn’t right. I have been focussing a lot on my problems instead of adding new healthy habits into my life. I feel like my motivation went down extremely, but isn’t that normal when you tell yourself that you HAVE TO DO things, instead of WANTING TO DO things. I haven’t been feeling positive when it comes to change because I am only focussing on ‘fixing my problems’. Instead I want to great a positive vibe, so it becomes so much easier to get motivated and do things that I truly love.

Law Of Attraction 2

I feel that I used the law of attraction without even knowing it when I started my health journey. I was super motivated and I just started to live my life like I was a person who lived a healthy lifestyle already. I didn’t think about ‘Oh I can’t eat Nutella anymore’. I completely left that life behind me and focussed on what I did want my life to be. I was grateful for everything, I saw the positive in every situation. When I had to cycle a long time, I didn’t complain, I was happy that I exercised for that day and that I spent time in nature. Everything went so quickly and I felt great! My life really started to be like I imagines it to be. I felt energizes, healthy, motivated and great in my own skin. That time of my life has really been my inspiration to change again. However lately I have only found myself seeing that as something that is so far away from me right now. When really I have to feel like that is my life already.

The last few days I have been really focussing on what I want in life. Who I want to be as a person and how I spend my time. This can help me visualise how I see myself, so I can live my life like I am there already,

I am so excited to go on this journey, to create a more positive life. I would love to share more of my journey with you on my blog.

What is your experience with the law of attraction?

I would love to hear from you!

keep dreaming2




9 thoughts on “The Start Of My Law Of Attraction Journey

  1. AMAZING post and the pictures are just stunning!!! I am 100% a believer of the law of attraction and that everything happens for a reason. I have really been putting it in practice since the year began and even though I’ve been having many low days I still try my hardest to turn them around and be more positive!

    Thanks for sharing

    Jani from

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    1. I did actually! I have really seen an improvement in my mood and I slowly started to create the lifestyle I want. However this last week I haven’t been very consistant and I can really see the result of that in my life too. So I really want to get on track again! Much love to you!💕


  2. Great content and beautiful photos. I love to create vision boards. It’s amazing how the LOA works. I try to tell everyone I meet. It’s made such an impact on my life, I want to spread the word. :)

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