Saving Time Cooking , Like A Pro!

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Before I used the method that I am sharing with you today, I would cook a pot of rice or beans for dinner and ate all the leftovers at once.

To get rid of that unhealthy habit I started this routine which has helped me to eat healthier portions, save a lot of cooking time and it makes creating a quick and healthy meal way easier.Today is the last post in the series: ‘Organize Your Life’. Today I am sharing my way to organize my meals.

I plan a day that I am going to cook a big patch of food. Most of the time I chose a Sunday when I have enough time. I make sure that I have enough staple foods in the house so I can create all kind of different meals.

Grains and Legumes

I cook a few pots with grains like rice, millet and bulgur and a few pots with different types of legumes. I create portions of 1/2 cup and put these portions in small freezer bags with a closing strip. (I wash these bags after I used them, so I can reuse them as many times as possible, the bags that I use are quite strong so I still didn’t have to throw away any of them.) When I want to eat lunch or dinner I just take out a portion of carbs and legumes, heat it up in a pan or microwave and add some veggies.


For vegetables I like to make a few staple meals as well. I love curries, plain cooked veggies and tomato sauces. I create about 3 different meals and cook these in pots. I divide them into containers and put these in the freezer. When I don’t eat the same as my parents because it isn’t vegan or a whole-food meal, I take out a meal from the freezer, heat it up in a pan and I’m done.


I wouldn’t say that I really mealprep, I feel that with mealprepping there is more of a planning when to eat what. I don’t really plan, I just take out a portion of veggies, a grain and legumes according to my liking that day and mix them together. This way I eat something different everyday. I don’t create meals every Sunday, I just cook new grains, legumes or vegetables when the stock is empty. Sometimes I only cook new grains other times only vegetable meals.

The photos in this blogpost are from two meals that I shared a long time ago on my blog. They are perfect to put into the freezer to heat up when you need your meal.

For the recipes you can click on the link for every recipe down below.

Curry Zoodle Bowl

Vegan Vegetable Curry

I actually wanted to share this post with you on Wednesday, but I scheduled it on the wrong day. You can totally call me stupid for that. :) Hope that you still liked reading it a little later than planned.

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