DIY Geometrical Book Stand | My First Video!

DIY Book StandHey Dreamers,

I am so excited to share with you my first ever video on the Internet. I have wanted to do more with video for a very long time, as I am in love with creating a story through moving images. So when I realised that explaining this tutorial in words would be way to difficult, I knew that it was a sign that I had to start creating a video.

This video is part of the ‘Organize Your Life’ series I started on my blog last Saturday.

Today I am sharing with you a DIY book stand. I was searching for a cute book stand in the stores that could hold my bullet journal and look pretty in my room. I just couldn’t find something, so I decided to design one myself. I am so happy with the end result and it fits so well with all the other things in my room. This one is great to organize things like a bullet journal. You can open your bullet journal on the weekly spread page, this way you can see exactly what you need to do that day.

You can find the tutorial here:

Enjoy the video and I will talk to you soon!

keep dreaming2


4 thoughts on “DIY Geometrical Book Stand | My First Video!

  1. I love the aesthetics of both the book stand and the video! The set up and the editing make it very difficult to believe that this is your first video – I am looking forward to seeing more for sure :)

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    1. Thank you so much! That is so sweet of you. 💕I have made a few small videos, but never actually published them. I can’t wait to make more videos too. Xx


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