Essentials For An Organized Life|Organize Your Life #1

Organize Your Life #1 2In January I feel that my organization skills have definitely improved. I changed some things up in my room and the way that I plan my life. It has made a big impact on the way that I work. So today I started a series called ‘Organize Your Life’ on my blog. The upcoming week I want to share some different things that can help you to organize your own life, which consists of different tips, diy’s etc.

Today I am going to share with you some things that you can use in your room or office that can really help you to be more organized, make your life so much easier and keep the stress away.


Notebooks I Can’t Live Without

I have a few notebooks that I always keep together and which really help me to be productive. Writing down my thoughts, ideas and to-do’s is not only a great way to see what I need to do, but it also helps with releasing stress because these thoughts and ideas aren’t in your head anymore.

Blog Ideas Notebook

I have a small notebook with different sections for my blog ideas. I write down all the ideas that pop in my head, things that are very clear in my head already and some that need to be a lot more expanded. When I want to write a blog post and I don’t have an idea already I look at this notebook and there is always something that I like to write about.

Rough Draft Notebook

This notebook is the first notebook I write in when I have an idea, to-do or anything else that I shouldn’t forget. I bring this notebook with me when going somewhere, so I have all my ideas in one little booklet. The inside of this notebook isn’t pretty, trust me. All kind of different pens and not even writing on the lines because when I have an idea when I am laying in bed I just write something with my closed eyes on the paper, not knowing if I am even able to read it the next day, haha!

I create sections by week, so that way I have a clearer idea of what I have to do and I don’t have to look through the entire notebook, but only that week. When the week is over I go over the to-do’s and ideas and transfer them to the next week if I wasn’t able to complete them now.

Regular Journal 

In my regular journal I organize my thoughts. My head is always a mess, full of thoughts and worries, so I really need a place to organize those things. I try to write in my journal every day. In this notebook I write down worries, poetry and whatever comes up in my mind. I am trying to keep the things that I am grateful for in this notebook too. I really want to make this a daily habit.


Organize Your Life #1 1

Bullet Journal

My bullet journal is my main notebook for planning my life. Where I transfer the quick ideas and to-do’s that I write in the rough draft notebook into a clear plan.

The main pages for organizing my life are:

A Monthly Blog Spread: In my monthly blog planning I schedule my blog posts, so I know exactly when I need to have finished my blog post and what I need to do to finish it completely. I have a check box so I know what still needs to be done, so I don’t forget the small things like sharing it on Pinterest, which I always forget. For the setup of this page I was inspired by Savanna from Rose Recast. ( If you haven’t checked out her blog or Youtube channel yet, definitely have a look. Her content is great and she is such a sweet girl.) I thought that her blog spread fitted best with the things that I found important to keep track of. Maybe later this year I will realise that I want things different in this page, but for now it works great for me.

A Weekly Planning: What I love about this page is that it is a weekly spread where I can easily see what I am going to do the rest of the week. This makes the space per day smaller than that I would have an entire page for one day. I love that because before my bullet journal I would make daily to-do lists on an A4 page, which caused me to have so many tasks planned for one day, that I was never able to complete all of them. When I saw the list at the beginning of the day I would feel very overwhelmed and I could not finish anything at all. Now that my bullet journal has smaller spaces per day I am looking at which tasks are more important so I can focus on those. All the smaller tasks I put in my draft notebook where I section them per week. So at the end of the week I look at the to-do list of that week and the things that I haven’t completed I transfer to the next week. So I keep seeing it and want to finish it quickly so I don’t have to delay it to another week again.

Trackers: On my tracker page I keep track of small tasks that I need to do daily or a few times a week. A few examples are: doing my morning routine, eating at mealtimes, vitamines etc. I don’t feel the need to put those small tasks in my daily to-do list in my weekly planning. However, by looking at the tasks every day when ticking off the boxes they stay in my mind so I won’t forget them throughout the day.

Extra: Some smaller sections in my bullet journal to keep my life organized are the ‘to buy’ section where I keep track of the things that I need to buy that month and the section where I put down my favorite blog ideas for that month, which I haven’t scheduled into my blog spread yet.

Inspiration Board

Staying motivated and inspired is such an important part of developing as a person and creating a new lifestyle. When I am not inspired or motivated, I am not very organized either. So having some sort of inspiration in my room, is a great way to keep me going. I bought a cute geometrical board, so I could hang on some inspirational quotes and pictures to inspire me everyday to create the life I want.

Pen Holder

A penholder is such a great thing to have on your desk. I used to have my pens laying in a pencil case in my drawer and every time I needed one I had to take everything out before finding the pen I needed. Sometimes you just need a pen quickly and then a pen holder on your desk is the best thing. I have many different writing essentials, but I have my most used stuff in the pen holder. The other essentials I use are put in different pencil cases where they are organized by what kind of essential they are, pens, pencils. markers etc.

I hope that this gives you a good idea of how you can organize your life. What are some of your favorite things that help you to organize?

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6 thoughts on “Essentials For An Organized Life|Organize Your Life #1

  1. I loved this post. I can’t live without my notebooks and planners as they help me to be on track and focused on what I want to achieve. I do not have an inspiration board though but you definitely made me think that I should get one. Thank you for such lovely and helpful post xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This is so sweet of you, thank you so much love! If you decide to start an inspiration board I truly hope that it helps you to live a more inspiring life! Have a beautiful weekend! 💕


  2. Thanks for the little shoutout! I’m glad the bullet journal videos/posts were helpful. I can’t live without a random notebook either! I try to keep my bullet journal neat, but my notebook is a mess because I just scribble everything in there. Great post :)


    1. You are very welcome! You totally deserved that shoutout.❤️
      Yeah random notebooks are everything. As a perfectionist it is so great to be able to have a pretty bullet journal and also a notebook where you can let go of the fact that it needs to be pretty😂

      Liked by 1 person

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