My Favorite Things {January 2018}

Januari Favorites 2The beginning of January was probably the worst time for my wallet. Normally I don’t spend any money at all, because I am such a saver. If I want to buy something I first think about it for a month before buying it. However at the beginning of January I bought a lot of things to start the new year fresh and I didn’t regret a single thing that I bought!

Bullet Journal

In 2018 I really wanted to start a bullet journal. I had seen many Youtube videos and I couldn’t wait to start one. I am still figuring out which pages do and which one do not work for me. When I have a formula that works for me I will definitely share it with you. My bullet journal is a great way for me to have everything together in one place. I used to have notes laying all over the house, now everything is nicely organized. My favorite pages are the ones where I organize my blog, meals and the daily planning.

Rice Flakes:

I have been eating oatmeal for breakfast for years. I love it, however eating the same everyday can get boring. So I have been having rice flakes a few days of the week instead. Rice flakes have a softer taste than oats. I love having this with cinnamon and apple, but it tastes great with all kind of different toppings because it has a mild but delicious flavor. I can’t wait to share a recipe with the rice flakes soon. If you are a big fan of having porridge for breakfast than they are definitely worth the try.

Alverde Day Cream For Dry Skin

Now that it is winter, my face has been extremely dry after washing it. My skin gets super flaky and if I don’t use a good moisturizer my face will look like that for days. This day cream is perfect for dry skin. Unfortunately you can only get this one in Germany and I believe Austria. I am so lucky to live very close to the border with Germany so it is very easy to get all the products from one of my favorite companies.

Pink Clay Soap Blood Orange & Geranium

I have had this soap for such a long time. I got it this soap together with some other beautiful products from a friend from Canada. The package from my friend was special to me, so I wanted to use the products only for special occasions. But me as a perfectionist doesn’t find an occasion special enough to use the products, so the products weren’t used for months. So this year I wanted to treat myself more often with special products, so the cute things I got from my friend were used again too. I completely forgot how much I loved this soap. It smells very natural and it leaves your skin so clean and soft. In comparison to a liquid soap, this one can be used for a way longer time.

Black Musk Eau De Toilette

For Christmas I got the Black Musk Eau De Toilette from the Bodyshop. I am absolutely in love with the smell. Personally I really like darker perfumes. For some reason they make me feel powerful and confident. This fragrance is a great combination between dark and sweet. It is great for everyday or for a special occasion. The perfume is 100% vegan is just like all the other products vegan as well , which is awesome!


I have wanted a Fit-Bit for such a long time, so when the New Year started I thought that it was the perfect time to buy one. One of my goals for 2018 was to get back to my healthy lifestyle. Tracking my movement, sleep and progress became so much easier with this device. There are so many different models, but I choose the fitbit flex 2. Unfortunately it does not have a heart rate monitor, but I didn’t want to spend that much money on the device. The main reason that I bought this one, is that you have really pretty accessories to make the fitnesstracker look like it is just jewelry. I do not like the look of a sporty fitness tracker so this was a perfect alternative. I bought a bracelet which looks so cute and perfect with every outfit. It still tracks my steps and activity level just as well as with the original strap.

Januari FavoritesWorld of Minimalistic Jewelry Necklaces

Maybe that you have already seen these necklaces on my Instagram, but I still wanted to share them on here. I am obsessed with crystals, I have many raw crystals and charms. However I have always wanted to have a small crystal necklace. So last week I decided to just treat myself and bought these two. A few days ago these beautiful necklaces  from @worldofminimalisticjewelry came in the mail! (A lotus one and one with an Amethyst crystal.) They are even prettier than they were on the picture. I can’t wait to wear them everyday!

Air diffuser

I have been using essential oils like lavender for a very long time. I used to put one drop on my pillow every day. The bottle got empty very quickly, so I knew I had to come up with an alternative. With the air diffuser I just add a few drops and fill the rest of the diffuser with water. You can use this for way longer and still smell the essential oils pretty well. I have a small diffuser with pretty lights which looks so cozy. When I put the essential oils on my pillow I could only smell the lavender when I lay on my side. Now the essential oils are diffused throughout the entire room, so I can smell it where ever I am in the room. When having a self-care night I love turning the air diffuser on because the essential oils really relax me.

Lady Gaga Joanne World Tour

I could tell before I even went to the concert that this would be one of my favorite things of the entire year. This woman has been an inspiration to ever since I was eleven years old. Her inspirational speeches are everything and her music and performance always put a smile on my face. I have been to three different Gaga concerts and they were all so different and beautiful. I think that the Edge of Glory was my absolute favorite number of the Joanne Tour. The way that she made everyone at the concert feel connected was so beautiful, tears almost fell on my cheeks. That’s the reason I became a big fan in the first place, the way she makes people feel like they belong, connected and unique. At the concert so many things in my head started to make sense, choices that I found so hard to make before were a lot easier, because the things at the concert made me remember who I used to be a few years back and who I truly am as a person. I will write a more extended blog post about that soon, because when you read it like this it sounds super dramatic haha :)

I hope that you all had a beautiful January, a beautiful start of 2018! What were your favorite products or experiences of the last month?

keep dreaming2


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