My New Morning Routine

Morning RoutineI have made my morning and night routine a priority for the last few weeks to make a start on creating a routine. Today I wanted to share with you my morning routine, which helps me to have a good start of the day.

One of my goals for 2018 was to get back into a routine. This year I am having a gap year, which means I don’t have school 5 days per week. This has caused me to have no routine at all. I am someone who relies on routines and rules, so it has been really hard  for me to achieve goals and be productive.


I start my morning with reading a few pages from a book that I am reading at that moment. What I love about doing that is that I can still relax for a bit, but I won’t be able to fall asleep again, because I have to focus on reading the pages. I really want to read more books, but I don’t want to spend hours sitting on a chair reading. By reading a few pages everyday I am still able to finish some books, which is awesome.

Meditate & Mindfulness

After reading some pages I take about 10 minutes to meditate. I am still a beginner when it comes to meditation and I still find it hard to do this every day. That is why I have decided to meditate one day and the day after I do 10 minutes of mindful coloring. This way it stays fun and I won’t get in the habit of just skipping it because I don’t feel like it. I know that the more I do it the easier it becomes, but right know I am still in that beginning stage where I find it hard to do 10 minutes of meditation. I don’t meditate first thing in the morning, because I am not completely awake yet, which causes me to fall asleep again. Reading first has really helped with that.

Morning Routine 1Clean & Plan

After my meditation I take the time to clean my room very quickly, just that all the stuff is placed back where it belongs and everything looks well put together. I take my bullet journal and my regular journal to write down my planning for the day, what I am grateful for, affirmations and some extra thoughts, little pieces of poems and things I want to focus on. Planning my day has helped me a lot when it comes to being productive.

Get Ready

Than I take a shower, put on my clothes, make-up and jewelry and finally I drink my cup of lemon water. When I finished my morning routine I check my social media and eat some breakfast.

I know that my morning routine doesn’t consist of a lot of things yet, however I want to keep adding things that I find important in the future. For now I want it to be achievable every day, so I won’t slip up and quit it al together. At the moment it is just important for me to have a morning routine at all, just to get back into a more structured life.

What are some of your favorite parts of your morning routine?

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11 thoughts on “My New Morning Routine

  1. Im a sucker of planning and routines too! So when i graduated 2 years ago and got nothing to do i feel so unproductive thankfully i’ve started going back to school.

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      1. School def helps gettin into a routine. tho I only go to school for 2 days. it helps makes me do more work at home bc I know I’d be out by the end of the week

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  2. What a wonderful morning routine – so simple and mindful :) I’m taking a gap year at the moment as well and I agree that having some sort of morning/evening routine really does help with productivity and how I feel in general. The photos in this are gorgeous as well! Hope you are having a fab weekend so far xxx

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  3. Routines are my favourite. I don’t have to rush around gathering my things because I know beforehand what to do and when to do it. It keeps my life organised. ❤️

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  4. Wow your morning routine is so perfect! Someone said before it is simple and mindful. I love how you said that you created a new routine and fulfilled a goal. Check out my post too, I have a morning Routine one too 👍🏼

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