Life Full Of Objects

Life full of Object 2


Life can seem stressful and out of control,

However, most situations in life are like objects.

Objects which don’t have any power over us.

Objects just are.

They can’t move, they can’t talk, all they do is be there.

We should deal with situations like they are an object.

Knowing that we are in full control over it.

Objects can’t change it’s own shape or color,

They can’t hurt us by touching or screaming at us.

We decide if the object affects us or that we ignore the object and never use it.

We can change an object, but an object can’t change us.

We can decide whether we let it change us or affect our life.

We can let go of an object or keep it close to us.

The same goes for situations, we are in control of what these situations do to us.



Life full of Object

6 thoughts on “Life Full Of Objects

  1. I’ve always found it interesting how no one and nothing can MAKE us feel a certain way, but that how we interpret it and decide to handle it is what causes our pain, happiness, anger, excitement etc. We mold our lives, our lives don’t mold us.
    Great job! 😃


    1. Yes, it is so interesting to think about these things, especially because they can make you realise how powerful we as beings are and what we can all achieve! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and your beautiful comment💕 Have a beautiful day and remember that you are capable of making this one of your best days ever❤️


  2. How we feel and the direction we move in through life really does depend on how we react to certain situations, many of which are neutral but are shaped by our perception of them. So well written and meaningful :) xox

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