My 4 Favorite Healthy Drinks At The Moment

TeasWhen I first started to eat healthier I went from drinking fizzy drinks and lemonade to only drinking water. However, there are a lot of healthy drinks that make life a lot more exciting than only drinking water. I never really drank tea because I thought that was something adults did, haha. However, I quickly discovered the exciting world of tea and all its different flavors.

These are my 4 favorite drinks at the moments:

Sparking water with lemon:

This drink is my absolute favorite drink on a warm summer day or when having a movie night. I think that it tastes just like a fizzy drink, however this one is super healthy and full of vitamins!

Orange infused water:

What I love about this drink is that it has a very light orange flavor and consistency, instead of a heavier drink like orange juice. I love drinking plain water, however adding a little bit of fruit can take it to a new level and make it a little more exciting.

Teas 1

When it comes to tea there are so many flavors that I love, from Earl Grey to a camomile tea. Teas are such a great drink to have when transitioning to a healthy lifestyle because they are still very flavorful.  At the moment my favorite drinks are Rooibos and ‘Winter Glow’.


Ok I lied about Rooibos being a flavor I like at the moment. Rooibos is probably my all time favorite tea and I drink it all day, everyday. However I have been drinking it even more lately because it is such a warm drink that makes me cope with winter a lot better. It is perfect for at night to wind down, especially because it has no caffeine in it. Rooibos is in my opinion more of a winter flavor, because it is a more heavy tea than it is light like for example a green tea.

Winter Glow:

Winter Glow is a black tea with spices and orange pieces. Winter glow is a strong, dark tea which is something that I absolutely love on cold winter days. It makes you feel warm from the inside out and gives you a cozy feeling. This flavor is from the brand Pickwick a dutch company, but I hope that you can find a tea like that internationally too.

Snacks I like with my tea are fruits, veggies and dates, figs and other dried fruit. This time I had some dried fig pieces and raisins.

What are some of your favorite healthy drinks?

keep dreaming2


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