30 Small Things Which Warm Up My Heart

20 things that warm up my heart 2

Lately I have been practising mindfulness and gratitude a lot more. A few months back I had a lot of trouble enjoying things especially the small things that used to give me so much joy. The more I am mindful and practise gratitude the easier it becomes to enjoy these small things in life. I am so grateful that slowly my love for small things is coming back.

Here are some of my favorite things that warm up my heart:

  1. The first day of the year when it is warm enough outside so you can ride your bike without needing a jacket. When the sun is shining on your skin, but there is still a little breeze.
  2. Walking barefoot over the grass, feeling all the grass blades touch your skin. Especially early in the summer mornings when the grass is still cool.
  3. Writing the first word in a new notebook.
  4. Smiling to strangers and having short conversations with them.
  5. Drinking tea from a really big mug.
  6. Eating an apple which is perfectly red.
  7. Seeing wild animals walking through our garden.
  8. Still being warm from working out, but then stepping out of the gym when it is cold outside.
  9. Taking off my socks in the middle of the night when laying in bed.
  10. Running in a really strong wind.
  11. Recharging my crystals when it is the full moon.
  12. Feeling the water from the shower fall onto my skin.
  13. Singing and dancing like a crazy person through the house when no one is home.
  14. Seeing a buzzard fly above me, for some reason I feel like I have some sort of connection to these animals. I always see one when I have a really bad or good day.
  15. Going for a very early bike ride in summer.
  16. Drinking really cold water after a workout or dance class.
  17. Talking about old memories with friends I haven’t seen in a very long time.
  18. A hurting stomach and shoulders from laughing for minutes straight.
  19. Spending the day together with my sister, dancing and singing to ’80s music and watching movies.
  20. Redecorating my room, creating a new place full of positive energy.
  21. Taking a deep breath outside when it has been freezing, the air is so clean and crisp.
  22. Looking at the moon, realising that my problems are actually very small and that everything will be ok.
  23. Being so passionate about something that I forget the time and don’t even want to go to the toilet.
  24. Being grateful that I said ‘yes’ to a great experience that I actually wanted to say ‘no’ to, because I was afraid to go.
  25. A big hug from my mother.
  26. climbing a tree, playing video games with the neighbours, which makes meĀ feel like a child again.
  27. Laying near the fireplace after a really long and cold bike ride or walk.
  28. Running through the meadows with my dog, knowing that I will never be as fast as her.
  29. Doing a body scan experiencing all the different feelings in my body.
  30. And finally YOU warm up my heart, reading my blog, commenting and liking my posts. Thanks you so much for the support!

20 thing that warm up my heartWhen I feel down I love thinking about these things. Because even though I am not really experiencing these things in the moment, they still give me a feeling, a smile on my face when thinking about it. Just like Maria sang in ‘The Sound Of Music’:

‘When the dog bites,
When the bee stinks,
When I’m feeling sad,
I simply remember my favorite things
And then I don’t feel so bad’

Let’s not even get started on all the amazing elements in that movie, probably one of the movies I have watched most in my entire life!

What are some of your favorite little things that warm up your heart?

I am super excited to know!

keep dreaming2


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