2018 The Year For Change

2018 goals 2I will be honest, 2017 was not my favourite year. However, that has caused me to be really motivated for 2018. On the 31st of December I really wanted to let go of that year, bad habits and things that don’t do me good anymore. In 2018 I am going on a journey of finding myself again, treating myself and my body right. Feeling beautiful in my skin, feeling confident and motivated.

There used to be a time in my life where I truly loved myself, where I could enjoy the beautiful little moments, where I went out of the house to see, feel and smell nature. Where I would have passions, where I had dreams. I want to go back………… no ‘I am going back’! Don’t dream about it, make it happen! That is really what I have to say to myself over and over again! I have to get back to believing in myself, not worrying what other people think or say about me. It is my life, my body, my journey and I have the power to create a life that ‘I’ love, not a life that people around me say that it should be. Because that is what caused me to be where I am right now. Don’t get me wrong I am grateful that it happened this way, because now I truly understand I can not keep caring about what other people think of me, because that will never bring me where I want to be.

The last few weeks I have been working on setting goals for the New Year. Every year I set way to many goals for myself, so I can never achieve them. However this year there is one thing that I really want to focus on and that is living that healthy and lifestyle that I used to live. Eating 100% whole foods, exercising more again and something that is just as important, my mental health. Fitting in moments for self-care in the week, getting back to being motivated about life. I really want to start blogging more again, even though I know a busy time is coming soon. However, it truly helped me to really enjoy little moments, connect with like-minded people and live a beautiful lifestyle, which is something I truly need right now. Incorporating things into my life that I used to do when I was at my happiest are a great way for me to get enthusiastic again and to push myself to live a positive life.

2018 goals

When I started my health journey 6 years ago I was so motivated and I truly did it because I wanted to feel great and energized. My healthy lifestyle was a form of self-care and self-acceptance. During my health journey I felt so good about life and the person that I was. However, this last one and a half-year, things changed. I had difficulty living my healthy lifestyle, I started to feel really bad about myself and created very unhealthy habits around food. I started binge eating, which has caused my entire lifestyle to change. I started to forget why I started a healthy lifestyle in the first place, why I loved my lifestyle and veganism so much. Veganism gave me so much, compassion towards others, a connection with nature and animals, motivation to be a better person. However, when my lifestyle started to change all these things changed too. I have been vegan all that time, but my enthusiasm and compassion decreased. I can’t wait to feel enthusiastic and great again, but I know I have to push myself to get there. It’s hard to push yourself when a voice in your head just tells you that it is so much easier to do nothing all day, but I have to keep in mind how great things felt 2 years ago.

Even though I find it hard to talk about this topic because it is pretty personal, I do think that it is important to share. I know that everyone has hard things they have to deal with in life, things they want to change. I want you all to know that you have the power to change your life. Make a plan, believe in yourself! If this is really what you want, you can make it happen. If you fail, keep trying! I truly hope that 2018 will be a beautiful year for all of you! You can do it!

keep dreaming2

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