No Social Media For A Weekend

‘What is easier than taking your phone, scroll through Instagram for hours and stay within your comfort zone? The time we spend on social media we could start so many amazing projects, make memories and live life!’

The last few months I realised that social media started to become a bigger part of my life everyday, especially now that I have a gap year and I don’t have a strict routine and goals. I started to feel unmotivated, lazy and I have been taking things the easy way. What is easier than taking your phone, scroll through Instagram for hours and stay within your comfort zone?  It really started to bother me and made me think about how I want to use social media. I knew I wanted to decrease my social media use, but never really committed to it. But when Fabienne shared an important message, I just knew I had to see how I would feel after quitting social media for a few days.

Today I want to share with you the experience I had the last few days and I hope that I can inspire you to quit social media for some days or at least make you a little more aware of the way you use social media.

phone 1

When Fabienne shared this little piece of text I was honestly shocked.

‘If you are on your phone for 3,5 hours a day (the average for millennials is like 5+ hours) then you are on your phone 24 hours a week so one full day. This is 53 days a year plus some extra boring Sundays etc. and it quickly adds up to 60 full days, 2 full months (24/7) a year!! Account for sleep and you’ll have spent 3 months of your year on your phone, so for every 3 years you spent 1 year on your phone WTF!!’

I knew that social media was taking up a lot of my time, but I had never imagined it to be this much! I have been making so many list with things that I have been wanting to do: draw, design costumes and sets, read, go outside, write blogposts, start doing something with video or Youtube, work on my portfolio and my goals. However, I always told myself that I didn’t have the time, but look at how much time I would have for that if I switched my time spend on social media on working towards my goals!

Spending All Time Wisely

The first thing that I noticed was that I was using my time very wisely. When I was using Social Media I would take my phone every time I had a break, had to wait or didn’t feel like doing something. Now I didn’t have that option, so I picked up a book when I had to wait or had a break. I have wanted to read a book for a very long time already, but constantly told myself that I didn’t have the time. From all the reading while waiting this weekend I actually read 1/4 of a book already!

Feeling Motivated And Creative

This weekend I have actually been feeling very motivated and creative. Don’t get me wrong social media can be a great motivation and make you inspired. However, I have realised that when it comes to my creativity, I start to compare myself to others and never start projects because my work never seems good enough. I haven’t done a lot of creative projects that weren’t for school, but this weekend I had a lot of plans and ideas for projects to start soon!

Clearer Mind

What I loved about not using social media was that my mind was extremely clear and that I was really present and in the now. I was much more aware of my feelings, smells and how things sounded. I absolutely loved being so mindful of my surroundings. I loved looking at real flowers, feel them, smell them,  instead of looking at flowers on my screen where nothing of that is possible!


I was shocked to see that normally I charge my phone every night and now after 2 1/2 day my battery was still 50 % full. It made me realise how much I use my phone on a normal day, crazy!

phone 2The thing that was really difficult after this weekend was to make a decision on how I want to use social media from now on. Social media isn’t just this thing that takes up a lot of our time, it also brings us a lot of joy. I love talking to you through my blog, Instagram etc. so I really want to have a healthy relationship with social media. Some days I feel like unfollowing a lot of accounts, just to not be able to scroll through Instagram for hours. However, I started using social media in the first place to connect with like-minded people and make friends, something that I am so grateful for that happened the last few years. So unfollowing people is not going to help with that.

However, the first thing that I did this morning on my phone was unfollowing accounts that I normally just scroll through, where I don’t have a connection with or that don’t have a positive influence on me. I am also thinking about having a few days per week where I just don’t use the internet at all.

I am so excited for things to change, to start living in the now, to start new creative projects and activities.

keep dreaming2




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