Starting Meditation

edit_MG_0036A few months ago I started meditating. I had been thinking about starting meditation many times before, but for some reason I never committed to doing it. I am going to be honest, I used to think that it was quite a waste of time. 

I think that many of us think that something like meditation or other forms of self-care aren’t going to help you as much achieving your goal than working hard constantly. However resting and being healthy mentally is such an important part of getting stronger as a person too. An athlete needs to let his muscles rest too to become a stronger person, so why wouldn’t we.

When I started meditating a few months ago there where days that I did a meditation practise and then I didn’t do anything for four days. My mind was coming up with excuses to not do it all the time. So I skipped the meditation practises many times, when I actually needed it the most on those days.


The main reason that I wanted to start meditation in the first place was to be able to deal with thoughts and emotions in a peaceful way. The last few years I started to feel that my thoughts started controlling me and that I had difficulties reaching goals and doing what I love because of that. Lately I have been really trying to get back on track, but because my thoughts are so strong, it has been really hard to do stuff that I want to do when my  thoughts tell me differently.

So to make a good start and learn that my thoughts are just thoughts I want to start a challenge for the month November where I do a 10 minute meditation practise everyday! This will not only make it more of a habit, but it will also makes it easier to say no to excuses.  Personally I really like to use the free version of the app Calm, because there are many different kind of meditations that fit different moods and you can have different background sounds, which are very relaxing.  However, you do not need an app to meditate. You can set a timer or even do it as long as you feel like it.

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2 thoughts on “Starting Meditation

  1. Great post! I started to make meditation a non negotional part of my day around 5 months ago and my life has changed soo much! And in a good way. Good luck with your challenge 😊

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