It’s Okay To Take Some Time Alone

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Stay true to who you are and don’t be scared to take a break or spend some time alone. Sometimes you need time to reflect and make changes to become not only a better person for yourself but also the people around you. Feeling like yourself is such an important thing and you should do everything you need to feel like the true YOU!

When I look back at this last year, so much has changed. But the biggest thing that has changed is that I went from spending time on my own all the time to being very social (at least for a person like me).

And even though I did become a lot more social this year, I do stay an introverted person. So I did come to some challenges this year. Especially at the end of this year and after a holiday with my parents. As an extreme introverted person I do need a lot of time on my own, doing things that keep me stable. But after spending a lot of time being around people I started to feel out of balance and it made me feel like a different person.

The transition from being on my own all the time and being social went really quickly for me and I didn’t realise since a few weeks back how much energy it took for me to adapt.

As much as I loved spending time with other people this year, I do really miss the times I used to spend in nature, sports, spirituality and self-discovery that I used to do a few years back. At that time I really knew who I was, what I wanted and was constantly working towards my goals. I want to get back to that person, but keep the social part of my life too. I just want a bit more balance when it comes to being on my own and a social life.

IMG_6318 edit smallerSo I have decided to take a few days off to go to a new place on my own to take some time to reflect, set new goals for the year and get back to the person that I have always wanted to be. I decided to go to a hotel for 3 days on my own, which is definitely a new experience, but I am excited to have my own place. This year I have tried many times to get back to being that motivated, hard-working girl and for some reason it has never worked out. So I want those 3 days to be a kind of detox, a start of a new beginning, a new way of living. I want to get back into that mindset that I had a few years back.

I want to get into really healthy eating and getting fit again.

I want to be mindful and enjoy the little moments.

I want to get into meditation, reading, yoga and sports again.

I want to be motivated, productive and creative.

I want to spend time in nature.

Feel and live again!

I want you all to know that it is okay to take a break and just reflect on life, that it is okay to spend time alone and take care of yourself. Please don’t feel like you need to be one or the other, that you need to be with people all the time. Do what feels right for your own mind and body and stay true to who you are!

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2 thoughts on “It’s Okay To Take Some Time Alone

  1. This is so beautifully written and I couldn’t agree more! When I went travelling this summer I was surrounded by people all the time and being by myself again recently has felt like a blessing 🌿 Much love x

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