I Hope That You’re Happy Now

How my way of thinking changed when switching to a plant-based diet

I hope that you’re happy now,

That you enjoy the person I have become.

That I am finally who you wanted me to be,

That I act the way you wanted me to act,

That I live up to your expectations,

That I am in your eyes getting closer to your definition of ‘perfect’.

But as hard as I try I will never be perfect to you.


I am exhausted trying to be someone who you want me to be.

I am disgusted being in somebody elses skin.

I am sick, dreaming of being someone I want to be, but acting the way you want me to be.

So I hope that you enjoyed the person I was for way to long,

All I want is to go back, back to who I used to be.

Back to when I was happy, free and confident.

When I made choices for myself and not rely on your opinion.

I am going to tear that fake cocoon apart,

and fly out of it strong, free and ready to be me.

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