DIY Tea Advent Calendar


I still remember the beginnings of December when I was a little child. My grandmother would give all her grandchildren a beautiful advent calendar full of small chocolates. Every morning I would run down the stairs to enjoy the feeling of the melting chocolate in my mouth. However, the things that I loved most was being so excited about that one short moment of the day that I got to open the little door not knowing what chocolate was behind it. 

I still love the feeling of crossing out tasks on my to do list when I completed them which is kinda like being able to open a little door in the advent calendar. However lately I have been having some problems with being in the moment. As an overthinker, thoughts are going through my head all day long and being in the moment and being mindful has been extremely hard.

So this year I decided to make my own little advent calendar. It reminded me of myself at 7 when I was so excited about opening the door. However, chocolate isn’t my thing anymore, so I created my own Tea Advent Calendar.


Things You Need:

  • 24 different teabags
  • Strings of your choice¬†
  • Leaves, pine twigs etc.
  • A needle or toothpick
  • Wrapping paper
  • White paint


First of all take of the original strings from the teabags. Mix the teabags around so you don’t know anymore which teabag is which flavour. Now take a needle or a toothpick and poke a hole through the teabags. Make sure that the hole is big enough to get the string of choice through, but don’t make it to big otherwise the tea might fall out. Now with the needle poke the string through the teabag and make a knot.

Now take the leaves, pine twigs and other pieces from nature that you love and connect them to the end of the string. When you put the teabag in a mug the pine twig hangs beautifully over the edge of the mug.

Now wrap the teabags into the wrapping paper of your choice and make sure that all the packages are the same size. Now take some dry leaves and with white paint, paint on the number of the days. Now take all the packaged teabags and connect them with a paperclip to a string. Add the leaf with the number in between the paperclip and the wrapped teabag. Hang the string with teabags on the wall and you are ready to enjoy a different cup of tea every day until Christmas!

ar-20161130-0113I am already busy creating some goals for 2017 and being more present in the moment is definitely one of them! Projects like this are all small actions that can help me to work on my goals and they are so much fun too!

I would love to know if you use an advent calendar and what kind of calendar you use!

keep dreaming2


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