Back Where I Belong

It feels weird clicking on the ‘write’ button in the right corner of the page again, but at the same time it feels like everything is coming together. After the summer holiday life changed, life went up and down and messed with my mind. Over the last few months that I haven’t been writing on my blog I have been thinking about it a lot. I always loved to write on here and I missed so many things about it. I wanted to write so badly but I had so much problems lately planning my life and adding in new things made me worried that it would all be too

When today I read some old blog posts I wrote months ago, I realised that this blog was a place that made me understand my thoughts and behavior, it made me learn from things I did in the past and made me motivated to create a beautiful life. All things that I need in stressful moments like these. Lately I have been busy but I want to take out some of the negative elements and habits and replace them with positive ones. So starting my blog again is one of them.

I missed everything about it and I can’t wait to be back. I probably won’t be able to write as much as I did before, but I am here again and I am so grateful for that. Things will change, I used to create mainly recipes on here and I will have some recipes here and there, but I don’t want food to be the main focus in life anymore. I want to share all the things that I find important in life. So I can help you and myself to create the happiest versions of ourself!

keep dreaming2


One thought on “Back Where I Belong

  1. It feld great clicking on that ‘read more of this post’ button in my mail, knowing Anoek continued her blog. Good luck with spreading your thoughts and feelings, which are helpful for others, for yourself and for me. Thank you!

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