Growing Without Knowing

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Sometimes we are working so hard on ourself, that we don’t even realise that we are growing a lot already. Last week I had lunch with a colleague of mine. We had a conversation about work and she told me how much she had seen me grow over the last few months. I didn’t seem as shy anymore and I was a lot more open according to her. Later that day another colleague mentioned the same thing.

I have definitely realised that I am not worrying as much as before and that I am feeling a little bit more at home there. However ¬†I thought that it was mainly something that changed inside, I had not expected other people to realise the little change. Apparently it wasn’t just a little change, otherwise no one would have really realised it. I am always trying to work on myself, but I find it hard to pause throughout the journey and see how far I have gotten already.

When I heard from my colleagues how they saw me grow, I realised that I only got more motivated to work on myself. I want to start reflecting on myself a lot more, not only on the things that I still want to change, but also on the things that improved a lot already. It is a way to get more motivated and more confident too.

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From now on I also want to tell others more often on things they are doing well or things that they changed in a positive way. (If I am brave enough to say those things, because I am still very shy and socially anxious, but I am working on that :) )

I hope that you all had a beautiful weekend! Keep believing in yourself and don’t forget to pause during the journey to see that you are way stronger than you sometimes might think!

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