Blind For Beauty

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Sometimes I wish that I could just like a camera only catch the beauty and keep all the negative and unpleasant things out of the frame. That I could just really be in the moment and enjoy the beauty with all of my heart. 

It has been very difficult for me to truly enjoy beauty when things around me aren’t going well. I just got back from my trip to Thailand and now that I am home I realise that I just haven’t really enjoyed some special moments.

This trip I was worrying about so many things, I didn’t feel comfortable in the country, I was stressing about my family members being ill and I didn’t have enough time for myself to do things that I love and keep me relaxed. These things all resulted in me feeling down and I started to get very homesick. Now I look at the pictures I took and all I see is beauty. I see beautiful animals, places and sunsets and wish that I would have been in the moment, not caring about the things around me but just look at the beauty.

Being an overthinker and a sensitive person can be so hard. The things around me make such an impact on me and thoughts just won’t go out of my mind. Those thoughts and stressful emotions make me blind for beauty.

I have been reading a lot about mindfulness lately and I really feel like giving it a try. I think that it could make such a positive impact not only on this part of my life, but on many others. There are so many things about myself I still want to work on and I think that practising mindfulness could really help me out.

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2 thoughts on “Blind For Beauty

    1. Yes, I know exactly what you mean. Fortunately by being aware of what is happening we can make a change! Remember the times that you could really enjoy the moment and try to do those kind of activities more often. I hope things will get better for you soon <3


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