Top 5 Things In My Travel Emergency Kid

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The vacation season has started, everyone is leaving the country and exploring new parts of the world. But before the adventure starts there is this stressful period of packing your bag. ‘Did I forget something, isn’t this too much?’ Questions you keep asking yourself. But these 5 things are the things that I will always bring, they are a lifesaver and make the journey a lot easier.

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Colouringbook: My colouringbook is my everything, without that and music I would probably not survive the vacation. I am a person who gets bored very easilly, so I always make sure that I bring stuff that I truly love, to keep the boredom away. The Lost Ocean by Johanna Basford is my all time favourite. All the pages take so much time to be coloured in, so you won’t get bored. It is such a beautiful book, I can not wait for her new book in August!

Notebook/Journal: The thing that I always bring, not only when going on vacation, but litterally to everywhere I go is a notebook. I get ideas on the most strange moments, so I always need something to write those things down. For long trips I bring a simple notebook for everything I need to remember and a journal where I write in my quotes, things that went well and other positive things. Personally I don’t use my phone a lot, but for people who do you can totally use that too.

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Sleep Tea: Together with my crystal and lavenderbag I have this all natural sleep tea, which is so effective. I always bring this because I have problems with sleeping and I find it very important to have a good sleep especially when traveling, because it is so important to stay fit. I want to feel active and energized when discovering places, so this tea is perfect. I got this one at DM in Germany which is such a great store. However, I feel that the ones from Pickwick and Zonnature work great too.

Coconutoil: I use coconut for everything. I use it as a oil for my hair, face, lips and body when it gets dry. So I can’t forget my coconutoil. I feel that if I forget something like a bodylotion, conditioner or something I always have coconutoil, so there isn’t really a problem!

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Packaged Oatmeal: This stuff is a lifesaver for all vegans or other people who don’t eat everything. One of the things that I find very unfortunate about the vacation is that you don’t know if restaurants and hotels have options for you to eat. Especially when you go on vacation with other people and you can’t always chose the restaurants that fit you. So I found these packaged oatmeal portions and I take a lot of them in my bag. Whenever I go to a place to eat I know that there is always something that I can have. At a buffet breakfast I just take some hot water and pour it in a cup together with the oats. Most restaurants have fruit so I like to have that with my oats. Of course if the restaurant has a few options for me to eat I do, but if not I always know that the package is in my bag. This has really made me a lot more relaxed about eating away from home.

Going on vacation causes me a lot of stress, not only packing my bag but also missing the simple things that I have and can do at home. These things put a bit of weight off my shoulders and make the vacation a little easier. What things do you always have in your travel bag?

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