Growing Plants To Beat Depression, Anxiety And Stress

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I have been growing my own plants for a few years now and it has really changed the way that I look at life. Growing plants to me, is so much more than being able to harvest vegetable and make a great meal with it. To be honest to me it is not about that at all. Growing vegetables, fruits and flowers is about loving simplicity and being aware of the beauty of life. Seeing plants grow everyday really helps me to be in the moment, it makes me realise how magical life in itself is. I mean it is crazy that nature can create all the different things, things that are living, growing and changing 24/7. That is why I love nature so much, I realise how special it is to be in this world and I see that the things I worry about don’t really matter. That is why I think that growing plants is a great therapeutic way to help relief stress, anxiety and depression, at least for me it was.

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When I go through a hard time, I go to my greenhouse, where there is silence and I look at the beautiful things around me. I am facinated my how fast things have grown and how just a few weeks ago the only thing I had in my hand was a seed. It calmess me down and puts me in a better mood. But most of all it motivates me to live my life and be more positive. When I am just being inside of my house, living my life I find it very hard to take a moment to reflect on what is happening in my life , but when I am alone in a silence place I can think clearly. That place for me is nature.

Just like a growing plant, life is a journey. We all start small to grow big and strong. Some days will be better and some days it seems like we are just becoming weaker and weaker. But from those days we will learn and we can use those experiences to do things differently next time. We change, we grow and most beautiful of all we are all different!

I would love to hear from you; is there a place or an activity that helps you to think clearly and to really be in the moment?

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5 thoughts on “Growing Plants To Beat Depression, Anxiety And Stress

      1. Haha, I don’t know if I can make a choice. If I would go for the taste of the fruits and veggies, I would go for my raspberrybush. However I really love the process of growing my avocado plant. I have it inside so I can always look at it and I love seeing it grow! Have a beautiful day!

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      2. That sounds absolutely lovely! Rasberrybushes really have that characteristic summer scent I think. Wonderful is the best word to use for it – if I had to make a choice. Have a beautiful day you too!


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