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I finally finished my new room and for the first time in forever I love spending time in my room. By changing my room I feel that there is a completely new atmosphere. I feel relaxed, at peace and fresh instead of negative, stressed and sluggish.

Last week I shared with you some of my thoughts on creating a new room. You can find that blog post here.

I have always loved the look of a very clean and completely white bedsheet. However, I wanted to keep it a little exciting and within the theme of my bedroom, so I made two pillows with a tropical leaf on it. This DIY project was super easy and didn’t take up much time at all. I started by making the pillowcases out of some old cotton sheets that I found in the big closet full of fabric. I found some transfer paper in the store to print a desired picture on fabric. So I searched online for leaves that I thought fitted my bedroom the best and adjusted the colour to my liking. I printed them out on the transfer paper and ironed it on to the pillows. I am so happy with the look of the white bedsheets with these cute pillows. Especially with my favourite bed canopy, which creates such a dreamy and peacful effect.


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I have a big, white wall in my room, which really needed a painting. Before the new one I had a big watermelon painting hanging above my desk. That started to get so boring and it didn’t fit with my new theme at all. I got a long and thin wooden board and I painted on these two tropical leaves. I got some wooden battens and I created my own frame which I painted all black. This made my boring wall, much better and now it is even one of my favourite places in my room.

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The look of dried flowers, leaves and plants is something that I absolutely love. Before I even decided what theme I wanted in my room, I knew that I wanted to do something with dried plants. We have a beautiful fig tree in our garden and I found this gorgeous leaf which fitted just perfectly into the frame. I put the leaf in between some paper towels and put them in a book. I put the book back in the cupboard so there was a lot of pressure on the leaf in the book. I waited about two weeks and it came out dry and beautiful. Throughout the year I also collected some beautiful feathers that I found in nature. Last year I got this special frame with two glasses, which keeps pictures or thin objects between the glasses.

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I finished all the things that I wanted in my room, but for some reason I felt like it wasn’t completely done yet. I have always wanted a beautiful plant in my room and when I graduated my mom gave me this cute and small plant. It was too small to put in the corner of my room, so I really wanted to put it on a beautiful table. I couldn’t find anything in the secondhand store, so I searched online to find a cheap and secondhand table. I found one which I could get only 3 kilometers from my house. I painted it black and put the plant on top. I am so happy I got the table eventhough I was a little scared to go to a house from stranger to get it. It honestly completed my room and added another detail which I truly love.

As you probably have seen I haven’t really changed anything big about my room, I didn’t paint the walls, got a new bed, desk or closet. I truly think that it is about the small details which can give your entire room a completely different look. Changing your room doesn’t have to be expensive either. The only things that I bought were the table and the frame the painting. I found all the other things in my house and painted some things to make it a little more fresh.

So go experiment with things that you already have and create your own room that you truly love!

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