Creating A Place That You Love

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I truly believe that every place has a different atmosphere and gives you a different feeling. So after spending all my time working downstairs in a place that made me feel very negative, sluggish and unproductive, I decided to decorate my bedroom into something I truly love. I am so happy with the result and I can feel the positivity all around the room already!

As you all probably know, nature is one of the things that makes me extremely happy and is my biggest inspiration. In nature I feel relaxed, positive and motivated to live my life the fullest. That is why I wanted nature to be the big theme in my room. Next year when I am going to study photography, I want to spend my time in a positive and inspiring room. In my photography I want nature to be a big theme that comes back in a lot of my work. So I decided to create the atmosphere that I feel when I am in nature, but than inside of my room.

Lately I have been feeling pretty negative. I see that I start to react differently again and I feel that I am very far away from my goals. I want to start working hard again, I want to feel better and be a lot more positive again. I hope that this room will help me a little bit with that! I feel like creating a new room is like a new beginning of a new era. Every time I changed my room I see it as a different time period in my life. I hope that this era will be one where I look back at with a smile on my face. Of course my life won’t change by just changing my room, but I do think that it is a part of finding motivation and creating a positive mindset.

I want my room to be a places where I can write, draw, relax, read good books and just feel alive. A place so much more than just a room to fall asleep.


I am thinking about doing a roomtour next week, where I will show you all the DIY projects and other small changes that I made in my room.

Have a beautiful week and I will talk to you soon!

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