A Place That Takes All Your Worries Away

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There are some places that just put a smile on your face, no matter how sad you are feeling. For me it is this beautiful meadow with these gorgeous wild horses. The way they walk together through the grass near the river is just so magical. For some reason it feels like I am far away, in a different world.

This place where I am alone with these beautiful horses in nature without any sound, is so peaceful  and relaxing. It is one of those places which just make you aware of the moment, which is something I struggle with quite a lot. When I am there I am enjoying every little thing around me, the sound of the birds, the flowers, the way the wind blows through my hair.

Places that make me feel like that also help me to think positive. When a grumpy man walks along I would think that he just has a bad day. I put a smile on my face and say hi to try to spread some positivity. While when I am in a busy city my thoughts are a lot more negative and I would have probably thought that he is just a grumpy person in general and I wouldn’t have put on a smile.

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I try to become aware of what places make me feel like that, so I can visit those places when ever I feel like I need some more positivity in my life.

What are your favourite places that give you this magical feeling?

Have a beautiful day and if not go to a beautiful place, I promise it will make you feel a lot better!

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