Ready For The New Part Of My Life

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I finally graduated from high school which is crazy. It means never opening that boring history book ever again, but also a new door to a different part in my life!

This week I got the results from my exams and I couldn’t be happier! While making my exams I was so worried, because everything seemed way more difficult than all the tests we practised at school. However, when I picked up my results at school I was so surprised.

I am so happy to close the door of this part of my life and open the door to the next one. This year I was constantly worrying about what I wanted to do next year. It is not just the study that will change, but my whole life can change by making this one decision. I really want to study something creative, but at all those schools only the best people get chosen. When I wasn’t picked at my 3 favourite schools, I had only two options left. Both options change my life in different ways, which was very hard to chose from.

One of the options would mean that I had to live on my own in Amsterdam assisting at film productions. As much as that fits with what I want to do later, this year I have got to know myself at a completely different level. It was very hard to finally make the decision that I am just not strong enough yet to go there, be extremely social and lose a lot of freedom. I always thought that living on my own would mean more freedom, but I realised that I was wrong. Yes, living on my own, having a space for myself is something I dream about a lot, because it gives me a lot of freedom. However, going to Amsterdam also comes with a lot of things that I am just not strong enough for and will only make me go mad.

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This year I did a ton of new things, I really stepped out of my comfort zone, but it was hard extremely hard. These past week I really had a breakdown, which helped me to make a good choice. I made the decision to go and take smaller steps this year instead of throwing myself into the big ocean. So I choose to study photography in a city closer to my house, so I can live here at home and work a little longer on myself. This year I want to keep doing new things, I want to find myself and make myself stronger to try it again next year. Maybe next year is a better time, if not then I will wait. The study doesn’t take up as much time as the one in Amsterdam so I have time to work on more creative projects and it is great to combine with my blog!

Don’t get me wrong, I love studying photography too and I can’t wait to get started on great projects. While being away from my blog I had a few shoots with some people I know and I had so much fun. I loved everything about it and I definitely see myself doing that in the future too.

I am so happy that after all the worrying I finally made a decision, it truly put some peace in my head.

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8 thoughts on “Ready For The New Part Of My Life

  1. Hey!
    Gefeliciteerd met het halen van je examens, supergoed! Fijn om te lezen dat je wat rust hebt, ik kan me voorstellen dat het je heel veel stress bezorgt, die studiekeuze.. Gelukkig heb ik nog een jaartje om na te denken haha. Het idee dat het lijkt alsof je zo’n definitieve keuze moet maken die de rest van je leven toch op een bepaalde manier gaat bepalen is gewoon angstaanjagend.. Ik vind het zo jammer dat het lijkt alsof je rekening moet houden met of je wel een baan krijgt en of je wel genoeg gaat verdienen, in plaats van puur te kiezen voor wat je het gelukkigst zou maken, althans zo ervaar ik het een beetje bij mezelf :’). De gedachte die me dan wel een beetje gerust kan stellen is dat je baan niet je hele leven is en er sowieso een paar zekerheden bestaan waaruit je ook je geluk kan halen! Ik zal altijd kunnen blijven lezen, koken en andere creatieve dingen doen die ik leuk vind! Zolang je omringd bent met leuke mensen is het eigenlijk gewoon altijd wel goed!


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    1. Dankjewel voor je mooie berichtje! Dat gevoel wat je beschreef had ik vorig jaar ook een beetje, maar door het jaar heen ben ik daar heel anders over gaan nadenken. Ik heb ook enorm veel geluk met mijn familie die me altijd heeft laten doen wat me het meest gelukkig maakt. Veel mensen vroegen me ook waarom ik geen vwo ben gaan doen, maar ik weet mijn hele leven al dat iets creatiefs is waar ik gelukkig van word. Ik ben ontzettend blij dat ik een keuze heb kunnen maken. Vertrouw vooral op je zelf en volg je hart, dan maak je de beste keuze.😊 Heel veel succes!


  2. Hello Anoek!

    Wonderful to read that you have made a desicion in which you stick to yourself and follow your heart. I was always curious what someone like you would do when given the free choice to study what you want. It is nice to read that you feel good about this choice and how you have concidered it. These personal thoughts make it very interesting and inspiring to read your blogs. I indeed hope you will be able to continue posting when your new part of life begins!

    Kind regards,

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    1. Hey Thomas, thank you so much for reading my blog and for your beautiful comment! It means a lot to me that you find it interesting and inspiring to read. I am so excited for the future and I hope to share some of that here on my blog.

      Hope you are doing well! :)


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