A Happy Vegan Birthday!

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One and a half week ago, the 13th of March to be exact, was my birthday. I chose to celebrate it last weekend with family and friends. This year was my first birthday as a real vegan and I wanted to have a vegan birthday party too. So I spend the entire Saturday working in the kitchen on some cakes, which I couldn’t wait to share with all the guests.

I decided to make them unhealthy, because I know that my tastebuds are very different from other people. I love simple, fresh and earthy flavors, while my friends and family love sugar, chocolate and fatty foods.

I searched for some recipes on the Internet and found a few that I thought would be great to share with the guests. I decided not to share the recipes on here. First of all because they are not mine and secondly because I don’t eat them myself. I want to share healthy plant-based recipes on my blog and these where definitely not healthy. I do want to share the links to the sites so if you want to make them for yourself or for a birthday party, you can still find them online.

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  • Chocolate Cake
  • Vegan Pavlova (This recipe is for Meringue, however I just made one big one and put this in the oven at the same temperature and baking time. I topped it with some red fruit. I recommend using fresh fruits. I used frozen ones, the were very wet so the Pavlova fell apart.)
  • Sweet Red Fruit Baked Oatmeal (This one is my healthy baked oatmeal recipe which I have on my blog. Eventhough it was healthy,my friends and family loved it. There wasn’t even a slice left for me. The red fruits makes it so sweet, definitely no sugar needed!)
  • Apple Pie (In the recipe they use pumpkin spice and pumpkin butter, I choose to not use this, because I know that a lot of people in my family don’t really like the taste)


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I was so scared that they wouldn’t like the things I made or that their reactions about veganism would make me feel uncomfortable. However, I couldn’t wish for better reactions. They were all very excited and surprised about the different cakes and pies on the table. Everyone wanted to try a slice and I even caught some people getting a second or even a third one! I was so happy to hear that they loved the different cakes and I can’t wait to make vegan cakes next year too.

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I just wanted to show people that vegan doesn’t mean boring or tasteless. It is what you make of it. You can honestly eat all the things that you used to eat and it is so much fun to recreate all these non-vegan foods. There are still people who don’t understand why I chose to eat a healthy diet and I don’t really care about those comments anymore. This way of eating makes me feel the best and I just don’t desire eating a chocolate, sugary or fatty cake. I would always chose a pineapple over a piece of cake. It is just what my tastebuds desire after eating this way for so long.

I could see that some people know me so well. I got a big box of fruit from my grandparents, which honestly was such a great gift. It even contained pink potatoes which I can’t wait to create a beautiful dish with. I also got a lot of vegetable seeds to plant in my garden and for some reason a lot of QUINOA!


Normally I don’t like celebrating my birthday because I am such an introvert and after spending a long day with a lot of people I am exhausted, but this year it was fun! I had some great conversations and beautiful moments!

I hope that you all are having a beautiful week!

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5 thoughts on “A Happy Vegan Birthday!

    1. Thank you so much! I had so much fun creating these cakes and seeing that the guests liked them. What is your reason that you are terrified, girl? If you are scared that the people at the birthday party won’t like vegan cakes. Make sure that you chose recipes that are very close to original (non-vegan) cakes. This way they won’t even notice that they are vegan!

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      1. I’m not having a party, it’s more what I get to eat! I’m having friends up for the weekend after my birthday so I might borrow some of your cakes for them. See how they go down x


      2. Good luck and have fun! I hope they like it as much as my family and friends! If you make them, I would love to hear what you and your friends think of them! Have a beautiful rest of your week X

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