Tips To Unfollow Accounts That Do You No Good, To Have More Time To Do Things That You Love!


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In ‘Stop Wasting My Time’ a post I wrote a few days ago, I told you that I was spending a lot of time doing useless things. I realised that it has taken a lot of time out of my day to check useless things on the Internet and I am sick of it. It is not doing anything good in my life and it only keeps me from doing important stuff. For some reason checking the Internet feels necessary and that is just rediculous. So I have been thinking about unfollowing a lot of accounts for quite a while now. Someone commented on ‘Stop Wasting My Time‘ that she had taken away all her social media apps and it helped her a lot. I knew that I didn’t want to stop using all social media, because there are some Youtube and Instagram accounts which I just really like. Social media also gave me the opportunity to connect with some amazing people and I do not want to lose that. But after reading her comment I knew there were no doubts anymore, I was going to make some changes too.

I will tell you that wasn’t easy in the beginning. Thoughts were going through my head like: ‘But what if I miss something important? What if I am not able to see great content? What if I regret it?’ I paused for a minute and thought deeply.

Today I wanted to share some tips that really helped me to unfollow a lot of accounts and to have a small group of people to follow that I really love.

  • Think about what the accounts does for you: I started by going to my Instagram page and just went through the list of accounts I follow. I went through all the names and asked myself what this account does for me. Does it make me happy? Is it helping me in any way? Do I truly love their content? When I could answer those question with: ‘I really love this account and it makes me happy!’, I would follow them. If I wasn’t sure or knew that the account wasn’t doing something good for me, I unfollowed it right away. I realised that I follow a lot of accounts which actually make me very unhappy and insecure. I think that on social media there is a lot of opinions, which is awesome. However, I realised that unconsciously we are effected my those opinions. I started to watch video’s on Youtube and afterwards I felt bad because their opinion made me feel like what I was doing wasn’t the right thing. I started to worry about things that I shouldn’t have worried about, all because other people where talking about their problems and opinion.
  • Start small: If you find it difficult to unfollow a lot of accounts at once. I recommend that you start by unfollowing a few accounts and keep unfollowing accounts over a longer period of time. You could say to yourself to take a few minutes every evening or week to go through the accounts and unfollow a few every evening/week.
  • Take a moment and ask yourself if what you are doing is making you happy: After unfollowing accounts on Instagram and other social media still found myself watching video’s on Youtube that don’t really do me anything good, just because I got so used to doing that. However, when I am in the middle of one of those video’s I ask myself if this video does me any good. If not, I stop the video and spend my time doing things that make me happy.

When I started I was scared that I would miss accounts, but honestly I don’t regret doing this at all. When I still followed a lot of accounts, I would scroll through Instagram for a few minutes when I hadn’t checked it for 1 hour. The posts that I missed in 1 hour back then are as many posts as I go through one entire day, now that I stopped following a lot of accounts!

I want to make clear that I just started doing all of this and I still find myself going through useless content, because I am so used to doing that. I am still learning and challenging myself, so day by day I start to use the Internet and social media a lot less.

It has had such an positive influence already and I honestly can’t wait to unfollow more accounts to have more time to do things in life that truly matter.


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I also wanted to let you all know that I haven’t been sharing a lot of recipes lately. I have been really loving simple meals lately, so I haven’t been experimenting with different flavours a lot. I am definitely going to spend more time in the kitchen soon, so stay tunned for some recipes.

Have a beautiful rest of the week!

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4 thoughts on “Tips To Unfollow Accounts That Do You No Good, To Have More Time To Do Things That You Love!

  1. I love this post. I occasionally unfollow accounts that don’t benefit me, but lately I’ve been feeling like I need to do it on a bigger scale and get ride of a lot. People spend more and more time on social media lately, and I want to reduce the amount of time I waste on it and make sure that the accounts I follow are actually a positive part of my life rather than a time-waster. Thanks for reminding me to do this! x

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    1. Thank you so much Lauren, I am happy that this post helped you in a way! I was very unsure to do it in the beginning, but I am so happy I made the decision. I can see a lot of positive changes already and know for sure it will only get better. I hope that it has a very positive impact on you too. Have a beautiful day<3

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  2. I’ve done this as well. I had so many channels I was following that watching YouTube became my job. Now if I subscribe to a channel it’s only to see if I will benefit from it. If I don’t I will unsubscribe.

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    1. Checking social media takes up so much time out of our days, which most of the time doesn’t even benefits us a lot. Great to hear that this helped you aswell!


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