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When we think about a flood, we most often think about houses full of water, belongings washed away  or people living in fear. However, a flood can actually be a very beautiful and magical event!

I live next to a beautiful river surounded by meadows and nature. It’s a place full of peace and happiness. Geese fly in big groups in the sky, rabbits run through the grass and insects are walking everywhere. It’s a place where I go when my head is full of thoughts. It is like the wind takes my unnecessary thoughts away and creates peace inside of my head.

Throughout the year this magical place changes and everyday I fall in love with the different things that I discover. Yesterday I opened the curtains of my bedroom window and saw that the entire meadow was covered in water. The sun was shining and reflected on the water and I just knew that I had to go outside. I put on my rubberboots, my coat and went for a walk with my dog.

The sun was shining on my face and I walked through the water with my high rubberboots. I enjoyed every little thing about this special event, which only occurs a few times a year. The bridge almost being underwater, the sound of the water when I walked through it and the geese floating on places where they normally would sit in the grass.

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