It’s All About A Different Perspective


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I can still remember when I was twelve years old and my friend told me why she was vegetarian. She said that she couldn’t eat animals because she loved them. I told her that I loved animals too, but that I thought that eating animals was normal and just kept eating meat. She could have told me a hundred of reasons why she was vegetarian and I probably wouldn’t have become one at that time. At that time I was just at a completely different time in my life and looked at a lot of things in a completely different way as I am doing now. 

Back then I was busy with my creative ideas. I was creating movies, theater and busy with other fun projects. If I had a idea, I did everything to make it happen and I believed that I could work out even my craziest ideas. If people told me that something about my ideas wasn’t possible I would not believe them and just do my thing. Afterwards most people that told me that my ideas were impossible where right, a lot of my ideas didn’t work out. I was at an completely different state, mood and had a completely different opinion than all the people around me.

I think that that is one reason why I am not a vegan who tells people that vegan is the only way, or that everyone should go vegan. Everyone is at another point in their journey and with saying ‘go vegan!’ I don’t feel like that is the way to change things in the mind of different people. Don’t get me wrong I do think that educating people (in a friendly way) is great. This way people can rethink their values and if they are open to it, they can change. However, if they are not open to it or just aren’t going to change their opinion, I think that it is no use pushing your ideas on others.

Why did I become vegan in 2015 and not when I was 12? Throughout the years I have seen and experienced a lot of things that really got me thinking about the way power is divided. It really got me thinking and in my opinion the power in the world is divided incredibly wrong. I think that humans have no right to be the most powerful beings on this earth. When I was twelve I was way to busy living my life and definitely not thinking about the honesty of the division of power. That is probably why veganism or even vegetarianism wasn’t something that I was interested in.

I am so grateful for being aware of what is happening in the world and I hope that more people get to this point in their life. Being able to help the animals, the world and myself just feels amazing and I wish everyone to experience that awesome feeling.

Have a beautiful week!

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2 thoughts on “It’s All About A Different Perspective

  1. i experience somethhing similar in my life. since i remember i was aware that vegetarianism was an option and that we had to kill animals in order to eat them but i think that i was never open to that idea. i just did what was normal and said that vegetarianism was stupid because everybody said it. Now i am sixteen and i am completely aware of what is happening. i really want to go vegan but since i am a teenager and live with my parents i can´t do that that easily because i don´t think my parents are going to change their minds about meat in the near future. But i have made changes in my house. My family now eat less meat and i don´t drink milk anymore. i will still try to raise awarness of the meat industry and the consequences for the environment.

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  2. That is a great improvement already, so proud of you! Keep making improvements, I know that you will get there! I do think that if you really want to go vegan, just talk with your parents about it and show them why you want to do this. Know that you can be vegan, even if your parents aren’t. But of course only do what makes you feel comfortable, if this feels like a to big step, just take small steps like you said before. Hope everything goes well and have a beautiful day!


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