DIY Nature Inspired Ring Tutorial

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So a few months ago I came across a beautiful ring which had this nature inspired element to it. As always I don’t really feel like buying stuff if there is the option of making it myself. I just love creating things myself and it is way cheaper too. So I picked up my old hobby, working with polymer clay, and recreated this beautiful ring. I can’t wait to share this tutorial with you. 

If you are going to re-create this ring or any other DIYs or recipes from my blog. Know that you can always send me a picture @anoekreintjes on Instagram. I would absolutely love to see your re-creations!

Things Needed:

  • Thick wire
  • Thin wire
  • Light green clay (mix clay to get the color that you like)
  • Super glue
  • Jewelry pliers (round nose and cutters)
  • Needle (optional)



Start by dividing your clay into two and roll it into balls. Make the balls flat with your finger and create two leaves with a long stem. Put the two leaves together and with your fingers press the stems together, so they become one and won’t fall apart.

With a needle or the outer-end of the thin wire, create the veins in the leaves. Just push a little so you can see the veins, but don’t push to far in the clay.

Now with the round nose pliers create a roll-up shape at the end of the thick wire. Lay the wire on your finger and wrap it around it. If your wire is very strong and not very easy to wrap just with your finger, than take it of your finger and shape it with some pliers. Keep fitting it around your finger and change the shape until it fits your finger. Cut off the excess wire, cut the wire around the middle of your finger (look at picture 4 below).

Take the clayed leaves and press the wire half way in the clay. Now put the clay in the oven, on a baking tray. Normally you have to bake it for 15-20 minutes at 120°C, but look at the packaging of your clay for the directions.

When the the leaves are baked, take it out of the oven immediately and put the ring on your finger. Put the clay on the place where it is going to be later. When you took the clay out of the oven immediately, you can still change the shape of the clay a little bit. This way you can make sure that it fits your finger better.

When the clay is fully cooled down, take some super glue and put it in the groove of the clay where the wire will be later. Now put the wire in the clay and let it dry for a few minutes.

Finally take the thin wire and wrap it around the stem of the leaves to cover up the thick wire (see picture above).

FotorCreated 1

I missed working with polymer clay, so much. I pretty much stopped when I wasn’t feeling like doing anything and I haven’t seriously worked on a project ever since. Lately I have been trying to start more creative projects, first of all because it makes me happy and secondly I really want to become a lot more creative. I feel that for years I have been recreating way to much, which is fun, but I really want to design more things myself. I used to design the most amazing things when I was a child. However when I became older I spend way more time on school and other things and I feel like my creativity decreased. I want to get those crazy ideas I had when I was younger back, because they truly are a part of me. I want to challenge myself a lot more and get a lot more creative again. Not only when it comes to polymer clay, but also film, photography and much more.

Have a beautiful Wednesday everyone!

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