Small Actions To Help The Environment

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Lately, I have been thinking a lot about what more I can do to help the environment, other than just being vegan. I already do a few things, but I feel like there are a lot of changes that I can make that can have such a huge impact on the environment. Today I took some time to reflect on what I have been doing these years already, and what changes I can still make.

  1. Turn off the devices when I don’t use them: Yes, I am guilty of having the computer on for hours, because I think that I am going to use it later. It is so easy to just turn it off when I am done working on the computer, but for some reason it has been a habit to just leave it on. I realised that it is just stupid and useless, so I am going to keep reminding myself to just turn it off whenever I can. The computer is the one device that I forget to turn off, but I will keep turning off other things like lights too.
  2. If something is free, or I get something, I will only take it when I truly need it: When I was younger I used to love free stuff. I was like ‘It is free so why wouldn’t you take some?’. Probably because I was this crafty kid, who could use everything for a new creative project. However my view on this has completely changed. I am planning on writing a whole blogpost about this later. One reason to stop getting so much free stuff is of course the environment. Lately I have been taking a lot less free stuff but I feel like I could be even more consistant. Especially with stuff that I get for free from other people, like goodiebags when visiting a school that I might want to enter next year. All the information is on their website, so there is no need to get those free leaflets, pens, notebooks, bags etc. You can always say ‘No, thank you.’ From now on I only want to take free stuff if I know that I am truly going to use it.
  3. Put different trash in different bins: This has been something that I have always been doing, however I feel that lately I have been way to lazy. I just don’t feel like walking 3 steps further to the fruit and veggie bin, so I put it in the regular bin. It is just stupid of me doing this sometimes, so that is something that I want to change. Not only to help the environment, but also to become a little more aware of my actions and to push myself a little more.
  4. Use paper wisely: I am this perfectionist that wants to write pretty all the time and have a beautiful fresh page. Of course for an important assignments this is necessary, but for small notes and summaries for a test, this is very useless. From now on I want to start using paper more wisely and only take a new paper when I truly need to.
  5. Re-use as much stuff as possible: The same as with using the paper, I have this perfectionism problem here. I always want to start fresh or clean with everything. However some things are just very easy to re-use, like school supplies for the new year etc. This one will probably be one of the most difficult ones, because this feeling of starting fresh and perfect is something that I have a lot of the time.

While reflecting and coming up with new goals, I realised that my behaviour of not turning off the computer for example is just a part of a habit and laziness. I think that this is the case with so many things. In the beginning when you don’t feel like doing something, you have to push yourself. When you have done that, it becomes so much easier to stick to doing something.

I am so sorry that I haven’t put a blogpost up on my blog in days. Our computer is broken so I haven’t been able to put my pictures on my computer and upload them to my blog. Fortunatly I had these pictures still saved on my blog, so I could finish this post. I have no idea when my computer will be fixed, but I promise that after that I will be back with new posts. Working on the Ipad was terrible so hopefully the computer is fixed soon. I miss writing so much and can’t wait to be fully back!

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