Darkness, Silence, But You Were Shining


IMG_0392 smaller edit

Darkness, silence, but you were shining,

All the way up there, in the night sky.

After watching you for minutes through the window in my room,

I questioned myself how it is possible to keep shining for years.

Then it was like you were talking to me,

Telling me a secret through my ear.

You were whispering, so no one would wake up,

Saying that shining is the key.

You said that when we stop shining it gets dark,

We get lost, scared and it seems like we can’t find a way out.

However, when we shine there is this little piece of energy,

which can make everything possible.

IMG_0392 small edit


I took this picture a few weeks ago and I can still not believe that I was even able to. I can watch the moon for hours, for some reason it is very relaxing. It makes me aware of how big the universe is and I realise that the worries and problems in my life are just small. When I look at the moon I feel connected, inspired and fully de-stressed.

keep dreaming2

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