Gratefulness, A Feeling I Have Never Felt As Much Before


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This year I took more time than ever to look back at my life and realise what amazing things have happened. Not only the things that happened this year, but also all the years before.

I finally found the feeling of gratefulness, this feeling of peace. And of course I want to change things in my life, of course I want to overcome things and there are definitely going to be things in my life that I am not happy about. But I found this powerful feeling of gratefulness, that can tell me all the stories of the beautiful things that have already happened in my life. It can tell me that I must keep looking at all the good things, all the things that make me feel happy. It can show me the good way, on the moments that I am lost.

I am so grateful for all the moments that I got to experience together with the people in my life,

I am grateful for being at a better place than a few months ago,

I am grateful for my ablity to hear, feel and breath things,

I am grateful for being able to take some time for myself, but also spend time with people whenever I want,

I am grateful for the converstations, things and moments that turned my negative emotions into positive ones,

I am grateful for the difficult times in my life, because they made me in to a stronger person,

I am grateful for the life I have, eventhough it isn’t ‘perfect’.

Gratefulness is one of the most beautiful feeling I have ever felt, a feeling that haven’t expierence since just a few months, a feeling that I can’t wait to feel more throughout my life.

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6 thoughts on “Gratefulness, A Feeling I Have Never Felt As Much Before

  1. Gratefulness is an amazing feeling! So glad you felt it, this post made me happy just reading it!
    I also took time to reflect on the year and I also found so many things worth being happy about!

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    1. I absolutely love what you said. It is sad that we haven’t really learned to stop with everyday life for a few minutes and just be grateful for all the things around us. If we would do that, we start to see that the world is such a magical and beautiful thing, it makes us feel alive!

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