DIY Christmas Gift: Unicorn Ring Holder

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When I saw a unicorn ring holder at Urban Outfitters, I just knew that I had to get one. However, when I looked at the price label, I put it back on the shelf immediately. I am such a money saver, so I always go for the inexpensive and fun way, recreating the things I want myself.

About a year ago I was so in love with making things from polymer clay, it was something I was doing every day. I even made things on request for people to earn a little bit of money. But as I told you earlier I didn’t feel well last year and doing creative things became boring to me. So I completely stopped making miniatures and other things from polymer clay. Since a few weeks now I have started a lot more creative projects again and sharing my love for crafting and DIY projects is truly something I want to share on here.  

Things you need:

  • White or beige polymer clay
  • Very small and white plate
  • White paint
  • Aluminium foil


I will try to explain what I did as good as possible, but I think that explaining DIYs in words is pretty hard. Making videos would be a lot easier! However I found a little video on Youtube which I recommend using as a guideline, especially if you haven’t done a lot of claying before. Looking at different pictures of horses and unicorns is great too. The video is by SugarCharmShop, this is a series of 3 videos but you mainly could use the video where she makes the head. She makes an entire unicorn but I choose to just create the head. I didn’t add a lot of details like she did, like very sharp cheekbones etc, because its more a fun decorative thing for in your room than a miniature which should look very realistic. I also didn’t make the hair realistic because I don’t think that it would look nice on a ring holder.

IMG_9789 editttt smaller

So I started by making a simple base with aliminium foil and I wrapped some clay around it. I added some extra clay pieces by the eyes, jaws and nose. Now I started shaping the head with some balltools and I created the nostrills using a nailart balltool. Add two circles for the eyeballs and with the smallest nailart tool or a toothpick you can shape the eyes. Now I cut out a thick strip of clay and I made one of the sides round and smooth and I added that on the back of the unicorn to make the hair. I also added some lines with a toothpick to the hair to make it look just a little more realistic. From two pieces of clay I made the ears and added it to the head. Finally I made a horn and also stuck that on the head.

I baked the head for 20 minutes in a 110°C oven. When the unicorn was cooled down added a few layers of white paint and finally glued it on the white plate with superglue.

I hope that this was a little clear. If you have never worked with polymer clay this probably is a difficult project, but I still wanted to share it with you, just to give you some ideas for a gift.

IMG_9791 editttttsmaller



I think that giving this DIY ring holder with a nice ring to someone for Christmas, is such a beautiful gift. Personally I think that DIY gifts are amazing because you can make something personalizes and it shows that you took the time to make something for that person.

I hope that you all had a beautiful weekend and I will talk to you very soon!

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13 thoughts on “DIY Christmas Gift: Unicorn Ring Holder

    1. Haha😂OMG, you made my day!! Some days I really feel like I don’t want to make things from polymer clay, because I feel like it won’t come out as I want. But thank you for your comment, that really keeps me motivated. Hope that you have a beautiful day and an awesome Christmas. <3

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