3 Holiday Inspired Wrapped Gifts Ideas



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How would it be when the gifts underneath the Christmas tree wouldn’t be wrapped? Pretty boring, right? When you see what you get, the whole excitement and butterflies in your stomach would pretty much be gone. So how could we make this time of the year even more exciting? By wrapping the gifts even more special and creative!

I still remember when I was younger that I would save the beautiful wrapping papers from the gifts I got, not very surprising that I did that because I collected everything! I wanted to use everything to get crafty and create new things. Wrapping gifts can make giving and recieving a gifts much more special. So I created 3 ways to wrap your gifts for Christmas, to make your family members extremely excited about opening their gifts!


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Holiday Explosion

Things you need:

  • Silver wrapping paper
  • large glitters
  • clear glue
  • clear tape


First wrap your gift with the silver wrapping paper and keep it in place with the clear tape. Now put a thin layer of glue in one corner and sprinkel some glitters on top of the glue. Keep adding glue and glitters until you covered the entire front of the gift. Add more glitters in the corner where you start and keep decreases the amount of glitters when covering the rest of the wrapping paper.


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Wrapped in Nature

Things you need:

  • brown nature inspired wrapping paper
  • red and white string
  • piece of a pine tree
  • clear tape
  • small piece of poster putty
  • white and red acrylic paint
  • small paint brush


Start by wrapping the gift into the brown paper. Now take your white paint and paint random and different size dots on the front of the paper and do the same with the red paint. When the paint has dried, take the string and wrap it around the gift, once horizontal and once vertical. I chose to put the horizontal string more upwards and the vertical string more to the right, to create a fun effect. Now put the piece of poster putty on the place where the two strings cross and stick the piece of a pine tree on top.


IMG_9816 edit smaller

Fly Away

Things you need:

  • wrapping paper of your choice
  • red acrylic paint
  • silver piece of (wrapping) paper
  • clear tape
  • poster putty
  • red and white string


Wrap your gift in the wrapping paper of your choice and keep the paper in place with clear tape. Draw a feather in the silver piece of paper and cut it out. Now paint the tip of the feather with red paint and let it dry. Now stick it on the gift with a piece of poster putty or tape and finally put a string around the gift.

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My favourite is definitely the Wrapped in Nature one. What is your favourite?

If you need some gift ideas you can find some ideas in my DIY section where I will also share my DIY Christmas Gift series. There are still a few post in this series to come!

Hope you all are having a beautiful weekend!

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5 thoughts on “3 Holiday Inspired Wrapped Gifts Ideas

  1. These ideas are so simple and lovely. I usually wrap my gifts with brown paper but this year I think I’ll add a bit of sparkle as per your suggestions! Great post and beautiful photos

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Mari, I had so much fun creating them. I hope you have a beautiful Christmas too and I will definitely check out your post!

      Liked by 1 person

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