Time To Think And a New Beginning


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Lately my mind has been exploding. Not only because I am going through a hard time right now, but also because I started reflecting and looking at life differently again.

I will be honest, since a few weeks I am not proud of the content I put out on my blog anymore. I feel that I am spending not enough time thinking about what I want to create, writing and taking the pictures. So I took a little break to reflect and write down what I really want to put on my blog, how it should look, what I need to do to create better content etc. 

From now on I want to make some monthly goals to improve my content. If I look at the content I put out the last few months, I just can’t see improvement. I want to learn more and improve myself and my blog.

Some of my larger goals are:

  • Create much more than just recipe.
  • Take better pictures.
  • Take more time before hand, to think about what I want to create.
  • Write better texts and introductions.
  • Spend more time on all the different parts about blogging.


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I absolutely love creating recipes, but it is not all I have to offer. Recipes are the most simple thing to post on my blog, that is mainly why I have so many. There are much more things that I am interested in and I would love to share them with you. I want to be more personal and honest with you. Not only because I love talking about this, but also because I feel that it creates a better bond between us.

Since the whole social media discussion, I started to think a lot about how I am spending my time on social media. I definitely want to use social media less and spend more time in ‘real life’, spending time in nature, make something of my life and get out of my comfort zone. As much as I love using social media, I do think that I could improve some things. I used to be so obsessed with the idea of posting according to my schedule (Monday, Wednesday and Saturday). I used to love that schedule and I still think that it is an achievable schedule. However, I do feel that because of this I just posted something, just because I felt that I needed to. So I put a small thing together and posted it while I wasn’t even proud of it, just to post something.

I still want to try to stick to this schedule, but if I am not truly proud of what I am creating I don’t want to post it anymore.

I want my blog to be a creative, positive and honest place. I want it to be a place where I can truly be myself and I don’t want to feel stressed. A blog should be a place to be free, there should be no rules. It is my own created fantasy world, so I want to make it the best it can be.

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I am so sorry for not posting for a long time, but I really needed the time to think. I will promise that I am back and hopefully better than before.

Thank you so much for reading and I hope that you all have a beautiful week.

keep dreaming

5 thoughts on “Time To Think And a New Beginning

  1. Anoek, your honesty and humility is very respectable. I could relate very much to many of the things you said. Just know that as long as your heart is in the content you write, your audience including myself, will recognize and appreciate that! I wish you the best of luck and can’t wait to read your future posts.
    – Amber

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    1. Wow Amber thank you so much for your lovely comment. If I ever feel down about my blog again I will read your comment to stay motivated. Hopefully you like the posts I will publish in the future. I am sending you lots of love and once again, thank you! <3

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