Love For Fall


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Some people say Disney World is magical, but to me there is nothing as magical as nature.

Especially in fall, when the leaves start to get these beautiful, vibrant colours. The streets aren’t visible anymore, because they are entirely coated in coloured leaves. And when you step on some leaves, you can hear them crunch together.

When walking through the forest, I forget about all my worries, troubles and fears. The only thing I can think about is the beauty and the magic of nature. I focus on all the details and try to look for surprises. Like beautiful mushrooms which grow on the most unusual places.

IMG_9243 edit smallerBut the thing that touches me the most when I walk through the forest, is the way the sunshine shines through the trees. It’s like an angle is flying above you, telling you that everything will be ok.

I could honestly spend the entire day walking in the forest, enjoying the magical power of nature. Walking in the forest furing fall to me, is like I am transported into another world, which I never want to leave.

Today I went to a beautiful forest, which was such a magical experience. I hope that the pictures that I took, give you that awesome, magical, fall feeling. Just like I experienced while walking through the forest.

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IMG_9224 edit smallerIMG_9249 edit smaller




I hope that you all had a beautiful day!

keep dreaming

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